Earth is not flat, it’s round! (From GITEX 2016 - day 2)


flat earth.jpg



For centuries, is what of the global knowledge that Earth was flat.


The idea of a spherical Earth appeared in Greek philosophy with Pythagoras (6th century BC).

Aristotle provided evidence for the spherical shape of the Earth on empirical grounds by around 330 BC.

We needed great minds and breaking through thinkers to break what was a fact.


My second day at GITEX 2016 provided me with this interesting feeling that we are going through a similar
transformation. Remember a while ago, all pictures were black and white, all videos were without voice, digital
sensors were 2D. And I could name a lot more.

We moved to color, ultraHD, enhanced audio, and 3D+ type of sensors generating tons of data.

And there are still a huge amount of new ideas and thinking that need to be changed.

Here some: screens are flat, virtual reality is only virtual, etc.


Look at those samples:

UltraHD OLED ultra thin and curved screens





The world is changing, and is not flat anymore!


And IT is going through a similar change. Ideas from the past need ARE replaced by new ones, that may be frightening.

And the pace of change has increased dramtically from years to months !

But is that not exciting ?

Some months ago, cloud was considered as a slank language, and now the message is : do not fear the Cloud !


It is like Virtual Reality. It was only fun for games but it is now very important to visualize events not visible with a traditional human eyes
such a nuclear reactions. Thus the Cloud! This is real...


Today,I was lucky enough to meet a wide variety of IT players and the questions were around inetresting themes:

  • How do we do things differently?
  • How to we build Cloud Market Place type of business?
  • How do we help our customers having a great experience when going to the Cloud?
  • How do I change the conversation to a business one?
  • etc.

Interestingly enough, not a single hardware discussion on feeds and speeds… well I need to forget the good all days!!!

Who cares really§ Storage is a commodity, and moving forward as a Data Management company, it is all about software
defined, APIs, apps… really the next generation data center.


And the good news is that NetApp is ready for that. All we do is API oriented, we have the strongest alliances
and partner ecosystem to count on and to build the Data Fabric for the future of the Data Center which is NOW!


Let’s move forward and let’s build an IT which is not flat anymore!


From Jean-François Marie

Head of Product & Solutions Marketing EMEA