Fact or Fiction: OpenStack Doesn’t Fit with NetApp’s Hybrid Cloud

OpenStackBy Peter Lehmann, Business Development Manager Cloud & Solutions, NetApp


Since I’ve started as BDM for OpenStack in EMEA, I had the chance to overhear many interesting conversations. I’ve realized that many misperceptions around OpenStack and NetApp exists. This motivated me to record a series of three videos, which I will release over the comings weeks, to bust some of the most common myths. I sincerely hope that I can help to overcome these myths and clear the sky for open and honest discussions.


I want to kick this off with a misperception sometimes heard that OpenStack doesn't fit with our (Hybrid Cloud) Data Fabric Solution. The fact is that OpenStack, integrates perfectly into our Data Fabric, whether “on-premises” (Private Cloud) or “near the cloud” (NetApp Private Storage) or “in the cloud” (hyperscaler deployments) together with ONTAP Cloud in AWS or Azure.


The feedback that we get from our customers is that they are making great use of the available NetApp Solutions, where the use cases make the most sense. Adding OpenStack to our Data Fabric, provides maximum flexibility and agility for deploying workloads with a maximum ROI and minimal up-front investment.



When building clouds based on ONTAP, customers can rest assured that they can host their data wherever it makes most sense and absolutely barrier free. Moving data as close to the compute layer, without giving up control and ownership, is one of the most valued features of our customers when deploying OpenStack (see cloud.netapp.com).


Thus, we’ve busted the myth that OpenStack doesn’t fit with our Data Fabric. Instead, we conclude that OpenStack and our Data Fabric enable our customers to store their data where they need it most.