Fact or Fiction: OpenStack is for Dev/Test Only?

By Peter Lehmann, Business Development Manager Cloud & Solutions, NetApp


I’ve been hearing a common misperception in the market that OpenStack is only being used in development & test deployments. From the projects we are involved in today, we can see that this is not the case. The move to production deployments has, in fact, accelerated.


The latest OpenStack survey, conducted in October 2016, supports this: proof of concept is down from 34% to 11% and Dev/Test is down from 34% to 18% while production deployments are significantly up from 32% to 71%.




Since the production deployments have grown year over year, the question is whether everything is moving to OpenStack? Probably not, but if it does, we are ready to support such deployments with our complete data management solutions such as ONTAP, SolidFire and E-Series, as well as StorageGrid WebScale and OCI. 



OpenStack is being deployed in production in an ever-growing way. More than 70% are currently production deployments. This shows the maturity of OpenStack as a cloud operating system, which is able to speed up Go-to-Market and click & deploy environments.


Highly efficient NetApp data management features (like deduplication, compression, cloning, management over API, automation) already enhance current and future OpenStack deployments. For more information, visit our OpenStack Solutions page on NetApp.com.