Innovative scale-free is crucial for business continuity

To illustrate this,  You may have seen our “A day without data” infographics. If not this is small snapshot of it,

and if you do not know about please refer to it.


a day without data.jpg



I expect you all know about all the ways to expand a storage device, shall I name them?
Scale-in, to add extra capacity behind the curtains, Scale-up, to upgrade your storage controller power without moving any data

around and scale-out, the kind of modernized, way of adding capacity and/or power.






It is like, if you would, buying a small car to start with,

then upgrading the engine, and/or the chassis and finally buying

more of them to get the choicewhen it is time for two of us to take  

a nice week-end with a convertible, or a family trip with a maxi van.

No single one fits all!



I would love to have a garage filled with cars of choice

even if all are of the same color.


What do you think ?





And what about you with your infrastructure components?


I would add here, that at NetApp, we already consider that application performance is more and more important. But apps uptime is

far more important, especially when it comes to upgrades, or data migrations. That is why our standard is to provide this 3-way scaling

all together and for any type of data access with no apps downtime, right? Why make a comprise, when it is possible today!!!


And we are told that NetApp is not innovating…


Furthermore, we are accelerating the trends, putting more pressure on what should be basic expectations with our new product line AFF!

Yes we know it is not “built from the ground-up”, but which Enterprise will use non Enterprise-Grade like storage for running its most critical apps?

It is like when my children say to me I am old. I just answer that I have been younger longer.
So yes “modified from the ground up” means age of maturity which is key here.


Nonetheless it is extra fast, but it provides a new big trend: scale-free with a unique 7 years support.


7 years.png


How come 7 years?
Years of research and innovation around Flash technology have demonstrated in our labs that our wear leveling algorithms are so

powerful, that a single eMLC device could last more than 15 years under high loads! And 7 years are more than enough in our current

technology trends to cover our customer infrastructure evolutions.


Why scale-free?
This just means that we replace for free your controllers by a new one with at least the same performance, and without either application

downtime or data movement.



Just ask for it, it is there ready to go!



For the Product, Solutions and Alliances EMEA Marketing team
Jean-François Marie