NetApp SteelStore Appliance - the obvious choice for backup to the cloud

In case you didn’t know, today is World Backup Day and so it seemed appropriate to publish a short blog around the subject.


Backup and recovery is certainly one of those tasks that the cloud was made for. Recent analyst reports show that as much as 44% of all data-related activity in the cloud involves backup and archive. Fact is data keeps on growing exponentially year-on-year and yet rarely is any extra budget or resource made available to cope with the situation. The economics, elasticity and agility of the cloud makes it an ideal candidate for backup and recovery, particularly if the process is all managed and automated by an integrated backup appliance such as a NetApp SteelStore which takes care of the data migration to the cloud and includes features such as: deduplication, encryption, security and compression - plus the ability to cache near-term copies of the data in the appliance to make data recovery super quick.


All sounds great, but how about that backup and/or archiving software that you’ve spent large wads of cash on and years of effort putting in place? Well, one of the beauties of a SteelStore cloud backup appliance is that it just slots in between your existing backup or archiving application and the cloud without the need to change any software or the way that you do things. Basically, the appliance simply sees the cloud as a backup target – job done!


Happy World Backup Day and here's to faster, less costly backups!


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