NetApp cloud solutions and Amazon Web Services – test drive today for free

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The time has come at home when we need to look into buying a new car to replace our trusty family hack. Rather than just going for more of the same, we thought we would look to see what else is on the market and there’s no better way to work out what suits than taking a test drive first. This is a project for the New Year, assuming of course that we still have any money left after Christmas...


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In a similar vein, NetApp have teamed up with cloud giants; Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer organizations the opportunity to take a completely free test drive of NetApp’s market-leading data management and storage solutions running on Amazon’s hyperscale cloud.

Here’s a bit more about the three options available by clicking the Test Drive link:


NetApp Cloud ONTAP + MS SQL

Manage & monitor your AWS storage. This 1 hour Test Drive launches NetApp Cloud ONTAP with iSCSI services to a Windows 2012 Server. You’ll use Microsoft SQL Server IO load generator to simulate real-world SQL tests using Cloud ONTAP and see how easy it is to manage storage instantly using integrated web based management.


NetApp Private Storage for AWS

Launch this 1 hour Test Drive to see how a fully configured SQL Server 2014 system and 200Gb SQL database benefit from private enterprise storage & AWS EC2 servers. You’ll also experience the automated data provisioning, management, & protection of NetApp SnapDrive & NetApp SnapManager.


NetApp Cloud ONTAP + Catalogics

Experience true enterprise NAS & SAN services in AWS, with Catalogic ECX for Copy Data Management. In this 1-hour Test Drive, you’ll learn how to gain actionable insights from copy data, view automated workflows and efficient data movement between Cloud ONTAP & NetApp Private Cloud arrays and easily leverage data stored in the AWS cloud.


The links above will take you to NetApp’s Proof of Concept (POC) site, where once you have signed up you will be able to get access to ‘how to’ videos and presentations about the value that these fantastic cloud solutions can bring to your organization.


NetApp Private Storage with Microsoft Azure

In addition to the Test Drive program with AWS, NetApp are also offering organizations the opportunity to test NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure through the NetApp POC site.


So, I hope you find this blog useful and get to run the test drive soon. On my side, I suspect that the process for agreeing which car to buy and how much to spend could probably take a fair bit longer…



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