OpenStack comes of age with support for enterprise storage

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It’s certainly been an interesting week in the world of IT… Behind the dazzle of the big stories, you may have seen in the media that NetApp have teamed up with OpenStack specialists: Marantis to provide support for OpenStack Manila, the management interface project led by NetApp. Basically, what Manila does is add a shared file system service which includes NFS and CIFS to the existing block and object storage services to address a critical gap in OpenStack’s storage services coverage.


Key points:

  • NetApp customers will be able to use clustered Data ONTAP in the next release of OpenStack (Mitaka)
  • Mirantis has validated NetApp block storage drivers (Cinder) for MOS 7.0 to provide integration for multiple storage controller families and protocols, such as clustered Data ONTAP, 7-Mode, and NetApp E-Series and EF-Series systems.
  • To help simplify and automate configuration and deployment, Marantis have validated their Fuel plugin to work with NetApp

This partnership very much feeds into and adds reality to NetApp’s vision of an inter-connected, multi-cloud Data Fabric which puts the customer firmly in control of how, where and at what cost their data is managed.


I’ve been lucky enough to be able to be involved in some of the OpenStack Summits and have witnessed the ‘growing up’ of the technology and those involved. Commercial interest and competition between large IT vendors is always a good sign as it means there's real customer demand and that money and profit are at stake. Exactly who the victors will be, only time will tell, but meanwhile enterprises are continuing to show a growing appetite to get involved in OpenStack – hence NetApp’s early participation as a charter member of the OpenStack Foundation and open-source community since 2011.


As we have seen over the years with Linux, going the open source route can have its challenges in respect to budget predictability and design and implementation. To help address this, at our Insight conference this week in Vegas we introduced a NetApp® OpenStack Solution Kit® which is an integrated data management package that allows you get up and running on an OpenStack private cloud in days, rather than weeks or months.


To find out more about NetApp can help with OpenStack deployments, here’s a great case study highlighting how we helped Nanyang Technological University with a pretty complex three cloud set-up.



Finally, we’d love to meet with you in person at our main technical conference: NetApp Insight EMEA, to discuss your data management plans. Insight will be held at the City Cube in Berlin, 16-19 November. Hopefully, see you there?


From the EMEA Product & Solutions Marketing team

Martin Warren