Perfect Partners = FAS8000 + FlexArray + ONTAP 8.2.1

Predictions of phenomenal growth in data stored continue to abound with one prominent analyst predicting a 800% growth in data stored by 2015. While it is clear that initiatives, such as Cloud, drive the need to implement new applications and monitor / manage more stuff. The net/net is that these initiatives are also likely to cause an explosion in the size and complexity of the data stores that organisations need to manage.


Okay, so data growth predictions are a perennial thing, but the question is how to respond? Often it’s by entering reactive mode to solve the immediate challenge, but this leaves you with a solution that is in no way optimal, and unlikely to be able to fulfill future requirements. Indeed silos of tech are often the result. With all the management headaches that go with them. What is clear is that reactive modes of operation are not going to go away anytime soon. Reaction to competition, new and changing markets are a constant in business. How do you deal with this reality, stay true to the strategic direction, and not end  up with silos of stuff that doesn’t integrate?


There is a clear desire amongst many CIOs to move away from the ‘building and operating IT’ model, where IT staff spend their time responding to business requirements by provisioning new compute, network and storage resources, to a IT World that is Services Driven. What does that mean ? A world that enables the consumer of IT to dynamically provision the resources they require, when they require it. Stuff happens in minutes, with no outages, and an environment that is consolidated, clustered and shared.


The launch of the FAS8000 heralds the launch of a new generation of Shared Storage innovation designed to ready businesses for Cloud adoption and enabling the new Software Defined World, that empowers the consumer of IT.  Importantly it allows you to move away from silos of compute, networking and storage infrastructure and frees you to execute a clearly defined storage policy and strategy.


This launch combines three 3 important threads of continuous innovation and development at NetApp.

FAS8000 Storage Systems Deliver a Unified Scale-Out Platform to Adapt to Business Needs

Firstly the FAS8000 flags the consolidation of the FAS platform simplifying the portfolio and making selection easier. It also delivers a doubling in performance and tripling of the Virual Storage Tier (VST) Flash capacity.


FlexArray Virtualization Software Enables Easy Storage Virtualisation and Management

Secondly the capability to manage 3rd party storage arrays is incorporated into the FAS8000. What was called V-Series, becomes FlexArray on the FAS8000 and is now an easy to activate feature. FlexArray extends the FAS8000 capability, enabling it to take on the role of both integrated storage array, and a Virtual Storage Controller (VSC), the only Virtual Storage Controller that natively supports both SAN and NAS.


Clustered Data ONTAP - The Universal Data Platform

Finally a new release of Data ONTAP powers the FAS8000. In this release there are enhancements to the Non-Disruptive Operations capabilities for shelf removal, continuous availability for SQL, Virus protection, and Flash Cache sizing through the new Automated Workflow Analyzer.


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