Risk and Reward - Back to Backup

The AltaVault announcement last  has fired up the whole team here at NetApp. It’s been good to revisit, what

could be described as, not the most attractive application area in the business. None the less - a vital one.
Here are a couple of cracking Blogs from my Product, Alliances and Services Management colleagues and between

us we have devoted the majority of our time in IT to Data Protection. I won’t embarrass them, but that is many 10’s

of years’ experience!


Herbert Bilds Blog post: SteelStore is now AltaVault
Martin Warren’s Blog post: AltaVault-bringing-the-Data-Fabric-forward-to-today






All businesses assess risk so it is no surprise that data and information define an organisation and are, in many cases,

the only element of lasting value within an organisation. Without it there is no business to be transacted. Hence the

questions relating to risk falls to the data governance owners and while the question of backup was once owned by

the IT technical team it is no longer a technical conversation, it is a business risk / reward conversation.
Backup and more importantly recovery have constantly evolved over the years. Many applications have come to

market. They too have evolved alongside virtualisation, the requirement for granular instant recovery, images and

physical to virtual techniques to name a few. The other area of change is the backup and recovery target. I may not

care where my backups end up! (Although legislation in some EU countries will certainly dictate where data can and can’t





I do care that my SLA requirements are being achieved, along with adherence to ever changing compliance rules and

regulations, such as the imminent EU General Data Protection Regulation. I also care a lot about the cost and, even more

importantly, that I can get my data back should I need to.

I was pleased to review the latest AltaVault Customer Story today from Blach Construction in CA. Time-is-Money right ?

We all know that. Blach recovered nearly twenty hours of staff time per month by moving their backup operations from old

SAN to SAN backup methodology to AltaVault and Amazon S3. The twenty hours was the amount of time, spent by their

team, managing the process, infrastructure and recovery objectives. This equates to 1 person-month per year, or well

over 90% saving in staff time dedicated to the back and recovery process. Worth having as construction is a complex business

and Blach have between 30 and 40 construction sites running concurrently.



Here is a link to the excellent Blach Construction Story, the new AltaVault Assets and to my previous blogs posts on the

topic of Data protection.




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