StorageGRID Webscale - Your Data Available, Managed, Protected and Secured at Scale


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In today's global businesses diverse teams require access to diverse

data stores created by next generation Web, Rich Content, Media, Backup

and Archive applications. In this new world, the Multi-Cloud is real, while

the traditional on-premise, bricks and mortar, data centre is rapidly

becoming a thing of the past.


Data Stores will experience unprecedented growth in the coming years.

Indeed, IDC’s study predicated a doubling in size of the Digital Universe

every two years. By this reckoning the Digital Universe will reach

44 ZetaBytes 2020, complemented by growth in emerging markets such

as telemetry from embedded systems and IoT.


The methods for describing, indexing and securing data are also required

to change as new compliance and regulation legislation comes into force.

A good example being the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in

Europe. The requirement for metadata driven policy engines offer the

customer the opportunity to meet the regulation requirements through

parameters such as location, retention, and protection. In fact, any

metadata parameter that acts to self-describe the data it is linked with.


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This increasing requirement to store and derive value from increasing

volumes of data often located in multiple geographies falls into the

domain of NetApp StorageGRID Webscale.


 StoragGRID Webscale 10.4 - Your data at scale


StorageGRID is a robust, object based, software defined storage solution

built for massive scale and distributed data stores.


Now in its 10th generation with over 1 million systems shipped worldwide and

decades of product hardening, StorageGRID provides policy driven

data management and makes use of standard, next generation object

APIs, such as Amazon S3 and Swift. While the NAS protocol bridge

enables support for current workloads and provides significant

performance enhancements.


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StorageGRID Webscale Datasheet


It is designed for always-on, non-stop operations where global data

availability is key and where configurations are designed to defeat

single, multiple, or entire site loss and meet rigorous service objectives.


An excellent example of StorageGRID’s value comes from the

German IT provider DARZ. DARZ are at the leading edge in the provision

of elastic, customisable , next generation hybrid cloud services.

These services are designed to tackle challenges such as, unstructured

data growth and making geographically dispersed data available at

anytime, location; on any device. NetApp StorageGRID Webscale helped

DARZ deliver solutions for their customers to overcome these challenges.


At DARZ the benefits are clear:

  • Highly scalable storage for large data and archive repositories.
  • Access though industry APIs, such as Amazon S3.
  • Policy driven data protection services
  • Range of delivery methods and tiers
  • Meet business compliance and data lifecycle service requirements.

You can find more information on the DARZ spotlight story here:


 DARZ extends Hybrid Cloud with Enterprise-Grade Object Storage


On the 8th May 2017 NetApp announced StorageGRID 10.4. In this release StorageGRID can:

  • Deploy
    • On Bare Metal Servers
    • As Docker Containers
  • Manage
    • IAM Multi-Tenant Control
    • With One common toolset, centralised GUI and RESTapi
    • Data by defined policy throughout it’s entire lifecycle
  • Integrate with
    • OpenStack KeyStone v3 authentication
    • Veritas Enterprise Vault


Find out more about NetApp StorageGRID Webscale 10.4 please follow the link below


NetApp StorageGRID Webscale - Enterprise Object Storage


Laurence James @lozdjames on behalf of the EMEA Products and Solutions Team