The Challenge of Sharing Enterprise data in a mobile world

By now we’ve probably all been there. Picture the scenario, your favourite person is after the killer corporate presentation deck. She or he is on the road and connectivity between you both is no better than a piece of chewed string. You decide to email the presentation. No luck, it’s too big, the presentation won’t attach – email system says no and you can’t even get it out of the building.


The pressure is on you but where next? One of those cloud based store and forward / share sites begin to look attractive. Upload is easy,  fewer size restrictions, and sharing is a doddle. Hey presto you  advertise the link and you’re done. One satisfied customer and your killer presentation is delivered. It is easy to see the  attraction but what have you just done, apart from being a hero. Firstly you may have stored key corporate data on an external, possibly unregulated, site in a region you probably have no knowledge of.


Therein lays the issue with greater mobility and the rapid adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Everyone gets the ‘IT at the speed of the Business’ argument, but C-Level staff are more conscious and aware of data protection issues for both corporate and personal data. It’s a big issue for many and it comes with legal implications for the unwary in many geographies.


Corporate enterprises and increasingly mobile and smart staff will always look for ways of doing business quicker while in the field, circumventing blocks, and getting ahead of the competition. But, how can the modern business owner continue to provide access to enterprise data while controlling possible security and information leaks. The aim is simple - secure mobile access to corporate data.


The reasons for securing control may be many and varied such as, controlling data leakage, getting a grip on mobile data access costs, and providing an auditable corporate data access methodology.



This is where NetApp Connect can help you regain control. NetApp Connect is a new product from NetApp hosted on Data ONTAP which is the foundation for non-disruptive access to data, regardless of device. NetApp Connect enables non-disruptive access to corporate data and documents with pixel-perfect rendering. It can connect to home directories, CIFS shares, or sharepoint to browse and access intranet apps. Importantly, corporate data remains secured behind the corporate firewall.


If you are looking for a smart way to get a grip on any of the issues highlighted in this Blog the following links will help you. Alternatively you can now  download the NetApp Connect App from the iOS AppStore and experiment. This will lead you to more information and experience of using NetApp Connect


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