The Cloud Triangulum optimises the Customer Experience

It has certainly been an extremely busy couple of weeks since I last blogged so for this one I thought I would share some of the experiences. The first was at the Cloud Expo Europe industry event at the Excel Centre in London. There I chaired a panel session covering cloud adoption.


                                                  The Cloud Triangulum


Running panel sessions are rather like an apprenticeship to becoming a chat show host, or a radio presenter, so you have to do your homework. You can see that I  (on the right) am an amateur, and the purple headphones wasn't quite the look I was after.


But this one was a delight to run. The panel consisted of Jon Smith, Head of IT at WDS, Leigh Morgan, Infrastructure Manager WDS, Andy Barrow, Technical Director, ANS. It very soon became apparent that WDS were very advanced in their approach and adoption of  Cloud models, infrastructure and technologies. Firstly who are WDS ? Their background is helping service providers and end customers get the most out of their wireless products. By wireless that could be smart devices, tablets etc. WDS are a worldwide operation and their goal is improving the end customer experience. This means quickly turning the gathered intelligence into a powerful business tool. Big Data in action ! In other words if you have a problem or challenge using your handheld device

WDS will have the answer. 


The challenge WDS, and so many others have, was consolidating the dispersed infrastructure and finding a model which delivered a stable and resilient infrastructure. Moving away from the organic growth, which had driven complexity and was restricting the company from responding at speed. At the same time WDS needed to change its method of backing up data.


This is where ANS expertise in converged infrastructure and Backup Services delivers. ANS used their expertise to design and Implement their converged FlexPod i3 platform which combines leading cloud Compute, Network and Storage technologies from Cisco, NetApp and VMware. The ANS implementation of Flexpod i3 also provided the growth and scale capacity required by WDS, while reducing the number racks from 16 to 5. WDS also commissioned ANS to move them to a new secure fully managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) system. Additionally WDS also make use of using Amazon AWS for developer services.


WDS are clearly an organisation with great vision, who are making use of converged on premise platforms,

off premise BaaS, Hyperscaler developer services and are seeing deliverable business value from a mix of Cloud



(I give in, Triangulum is Latin for Triangle, or the famous star system in the constellation Perseus !)


If you want to know more then you can view the panel session session at Cloud Expo here:

You can find the success story here