The Data Fabric – From Flash To Disk To Cloud - It's Dynamite !

Last week Amsterdam, the week before California, this week Stockholm. I'm in the middle of a manic but enjoyable series

of business trips. Not having had the opportunity to spend any time in Sweden in the past it was a great pleasure to attend the

PROACT SYNC event in the capital.


As proof that I was actually there, here is a picture of the Swedish National Library building. Their mission is to collect and

archive everything printed or published in Swedish, from the printed word, through Radio and TV, to computer games, and

they have been doing this since 1661. Today one of their activities is to digitise the nations content and make it available

through new channels. Big Data in Action.


When it comes to famous Swedes, and there are plenty to chose from, the most famous has to be

Alfred Nobel, who was a chemist, engineer the inventor of Dynamite and whose trust created the Nobel Prizes. 





The topic for this talk was "The Data Fabric-Flash to Disk to Cloud" . Now I realise that the more seasoned

readers may be sceptical about the title, but hear me out because this has legs, Mo Farrah legs, it will go

the distance and it will win. Why ? Well, like it or not the business world is changing more rapidly than ever.

Robust Data stewardship in this new Business, Hybrid Cloud world is mandatory, it's not optional, no question.


I see innovative organisations that understand how their IT function can enable the business to meet

opportunities as they arise. They understand that there are a few words that make this a reality Flexibility,

Choice, Predictability and Consistency. They also know that, like it or not, a new business model is required.

One that expands and contracts, where supply follows demand. One where the organisation is not locked

in, but free to move as supply, demand and cost dictate.


This was the theme of my presentation in Stockholm and the people I spoke with in the break were in

agreement. A common message being that applications and compute are reasonably easy to move, but

data does not. There was also the challenge of consistency. The clear requirement for one way, one method,

one process for doing the same thing.


The goal of a data fabric is just this, and by the way, it's not our data fabric it's yours. Your mandatory

and desirable requirements, your service level objectives. Your Data Fabric, your Cloud. It sets a framework

for you to define your business model in the context of an application, compute, network and data fabric.

The concept of a Data Fabric becomes essential when you decide to move to a Hybrid Cloud.

You are the Stewards of your data wherever it resides.


Data Fabric Sig.jpg


Next time I will look at how NetApp are laser focused on delivering solutions that will enable you to set and realise

your Data Fabric Strategy. Questions will include:


  • How will you manage and orchestrate a multicloud operation, how does the Data Fabric thinking help here  ?
  • How do I become the data steward across the Onprem, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS ?
  • Can I realise Quality of Service control in the Cloud ?
  • Can I avoid disrupting my customers and their operations ?
  • How do I meet EU GDPR Data protection regulation compliance in the Cloud ?

 In summary Sweden was a great trip. Great conversations and the endorsement that knowing your business, your opportunity

and your data is more important than ever. 


In tribute to that great Swede, Alfred Nobel - The Data Fabric - It's Dynamite


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