The Expectation Economy and the Free Flow of Data in the Hybrid Cloud



 We live in the 'Expectation Economy'. You may argue that this is a generational thing,

but increasingly we are all able to make fast and lasting decisions based on our expectations

and experiences. Not only does our expectation experience colour our decision making

routes, we also live in a world where we can share our experiences quickly with others.


As business leaders we need to be prepared for the impact of many variables. Variables

such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and seasonal demand. Experience,

Expectation and Sentiment are the new variables we all need to be on top of.





These variables can often drive times when demand outstrips supply, both in terms of the

products and services you sell and in the ability to service that demand. Conversely there are

times when you may be running under capacity. In such times IT equipment can be over or under

utilised exposing inflexibility and masking the real cost of ownership. Hybrid Cloud models offer

the opportunity to expand and contract driven by demand. The key word is "Flex". It is this

ability to Flex IT resources on demand that determines your agility. 


At NetApp it is our goal to help customers realise their strategy and vision. Hybrid Cloud Models

look an extremely attractive proposition when it comes to mapping your capacity and performance

requirements to a highly variable supply and demand profile. But data and information are the

'Elephant-in-the-Room', difficult to manage, difficult to move. At NetApp our goal is to deliver the Data

Management portfolio that lets you to bridge to Your Cloud, enabling the Free Flow of data and





My latest TECHTALK Webcast recording takes you through the principles of a Data Fabric and the

recent portfolio announcements, at NetApp Insight 2015. These will help you build Your Data Fabric

thought leadership, vision and strategy. Here is the link to the webcast:


Enabling the Free Flow of Data in the Hybrid Cloud


Laurence James, @lozdjames, On behalf of the NetApp EMEA Products, Alliances and Solutions Team