The Longer Lasting Data Centre

As the weather in the UK deteriorates and a deluge of winter water threatens to come in through the front door, many of us  are spending the time with the heating turned up and something to read. No point going out in it as my boots leak and the umbrella is broken. My reading this week has focused on the 2014 predictions, and there are plenty to choose from. As is traditional in my blog posts I have found the band, and song, that fits the moment the Kaiser Chiefs and  'I predict a riot', a riot in the IT Storage Market that is. With Flash Storage being one of the technologies leading the charge in 2014.

One white paper I really enjoyed came from the pen of Paul Feresten and Rip Wilson (See attachment). They have done a great job in exposing the common misconceptions surrounding the adoption of Flash. A good example being the quote   'I hear great things about it, but Flash solutions are really expensive' the conclusion being that this is an incorrect assumption. The evaluators need to focus on the longer term holistic view and study the TCO for flash over time.  This may sound like common sense when building the business case, and it is, but it's easy to focus on the acquisition costs. The whitepaper provides real world insight from customers using NetApp Flash solutions, in production, who are experiencing power consumption reductions of between 60 -75% and footprint savings of a 75%. As they say in the paper, look past the sticker price on the box. Remember to put the 'soft costs' of power, cooling  and space in the equation.


Not long ago Data Centre Efficiency was at the forefront of  thinking, and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) was the hot (pun intended) topic. The Flash proposition certainly revives this discussion as traditional spinning disk storage can account for a significant proportion of the power draw and footprint within the Data Centre. Flash technologies promise to change this dynamic and potentially extend the life of the Data Centre. That proposition, for many, has measurable benefit of considerable value.


You can find the whitepaper at the link below and please review my other blogs where you will find more discussion on Flash technologies.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with Flash Storage