The NetApp Data Fabric - Simplifying Data Management across the Cloud

Today sees the next phase in the development of NetApp's Cloud leadership. There is no doubt that we are whitenessing
the next era of disruption in the IT Industry. NetApp's approach to cloud is both deliberate and measured.


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CumuloNimbus Summer 2014 Devon, UK


Customers are in transition. CIO's are being handed goals that task them to move significant proportions of their IT
to the cloud and as a result many are re-evaluating the role of IT in their businesses. I have heard many staff in
senior positions re-state their core business and while IT is fundamental to the delivery of their business, running
IT for many is not. No doubt given the time of year - it's going to be scary for some !


We are now accelerating towards this highly disruptive phase in the evolution of the industry. Business C-Level
staff are actively looking to maintain competitive advantage expecting the CIO to deliver IT that enables the business.
CIO's are evaluating cloud models and are urgently focusing on the task of defining what service delivery in the cloud
looks like. In other words, services contract definitions.


Through all this activity I can't help but come back to data. Data and information are the lifeblood of every organisation.
While the analysis of data and the speed at which questions can be asked of the data enable decisions to be made and
competitive advantage to be achieved. It goes without saying as part of the Services Contract, as a CIO, you will need,
without question, to understand the legal, compliance and regulatory requirements of your data. Get this wrong and it's
curtains. While I love Jazz, improvisation with customer data is not wise.


If you were the CIO and you were handed this goal where would you start? It's very likely that your teams started long ago,
without you. It's now commonly accepted that developers stop for no one. They found Amazon Marketplace.
Out came the credit card and presto a development environment to the required spec appeared in an instant. Other staff
found cloud storage was great for sharing your commercially sensitive presentations with the field sales force.

Data is the heavyweight in the cloud, it has mass, which gives it gravity. Moving it, managing it and protecting are
non trivial exercises. They can be disruptive and require meticulous planning. These are just
a few of the thoughts that are extremely important and have driven the development of our leading Storage Operating
system Data ONTAP over the past 20+ Years.


I'd like to share three development criteria which are well worth building into your cloud strategy on. the first
is Choice. This is a bedrock for your cloud strategy. You will want to be free to make choices on when and how
you deploy your cloud according to your strategy. You will want to be free to make new choices in the future.
Business will change and your cloud most be able to morph to meet new opportunities. THe second is Universality.
You will expect a common, versatile platform to build out your private and public cloud platforms and finally the
third is portability. Portability for data. The ability to move and protect data in different cloud environments and


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'Hybid Clouds' Summer 2014 Devon, UK


This is how NetApp  designed ONTAP. From its earliest beginnings over twenty years ago to today's launch of ONTAP 8.3
and you will see the delivery of customer choice through Cloud ONTAP. Cloud ONTAP maintains the key data management,
protection and efficiency functionality inherent in clustered Data ONTAP. This brings the power of ONTAP to the public
cloud. Consider a virtualised, software only, instance of Data ONTAP that you can purchase in a number of ways through
Amazon Marketplace for example. The first platform provider to do so. In addition NetApp announced a new NetApp for

Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud  partnership with Softlayer, an IBM company. This reinforces the existing NPS for Microsoft

Azure and underlines the desire to provide customers with choice.


In one of my previous blogs I said 'If you cant measure it, You cant manage it' While i dont profess to have invented the
sound bite it holds true for the hybrid cloud. You will need to be able to measure and manage the services you bought.
NetApp ONCommand Cloud Manager gives you easy clustered data ONTAP automation, provisioning and visibility in hybrid
cloud environments. I have to ask 'if you can't measure it, why are you doing it ?'


Finally we have added functionality to ONTAP that enhance its Flash performance for both reads and writes. Performance
for cloud hosted applications is less about the technology, its an entire agenda, with Flash deployed in every layer
in the stack to meet a broad range of performance requirements.


There is a great deal in this Hybrid Cloud Launch and I urge you to follow the links and look at the detail. I will
try to summarise in a couple of short sentences.

The delivery of new feature, function and applications in the launch enable organisations to realise the benefits of the
hybrid cloud while maintaining control of data and enabling choice as hybrid cloud evolves. The foundation for this is
a powerful new version of Clustered Data ONTAP, Cloud ONTAP. ONCOMMAND CLOUD MANAGER and NetApp Private Storage for


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