Where are we in terms of building a connected world (direct from @Gitex2016) ?



AlSalam Al 3aukoum from @Gitex2016 here in hot Dubai (more than 35 degrees Celsius outside).


In Dubaï, everything pushes you to think big all the time: largest airport in the world, highest number of luxury
hotels, palaces and housing, and as you probably know, one of the largest IT show in the world with almost 150,000 visitors:
Gitex (spell it with an French [i] and not an English I [aï]).


This year theme is “re-imagining realities”!

What a better fit for us with our Data Fabric vision. We help our customers and partners to re-imaging the way they build IT in a real world.

It is really amazing and fascinating.


I had a look around guided by an experienced local fellow Hadrien, and I must admit that it is a massive show. There is all
you need to build your Data Center, and perhaps should I say, your Next Generation Data Center.

Obviously, we play a big role here as the largest Data Management standalone company out there.


I also took the benefit of the tour to try to see how much of the current big trends are covered.

As an evidence I was asking myself if IoT was something that big. And it is not surprised to see that it is a connected show to build a
connected world.

There is an exciting project here leveraging the SMART CITY concept: it the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.




It does reflect what could be an achievement with auto regulated water, electricity, cooling, etc. Inspiring, isn’t it !


If you are not convince then I would encourage you to come and join the show.

Then stop by the NetApp / SolidFire / Splunk / Schlumberger joint booth CLD-21 in Hall 6.


From Jean-François Marie

Head of Product & Solutions Marketing EMEA