Will storage hardware move to a printed commodity? (from GITEX 2016 day 4)

3D car.jpg


Day 4 at GITEX 2016 here in Dubai is again a source of interesting experiences.

Today I have decided to explore a bit more the 3D printing features and future, and let me tell you this is surprising.

Just have a look at that 3D printed autonomous car on the picture above. This provides us with a quick view of large objects
being 3D printed today.

And there are many of them: it could be simple toys and components for cars, planes, phones, replacement parts, etc.


3d prints.PNG


I also met the ATLAB guys. They have really a nice initiative to enable innovation. They use cheap 3D printing to allow any
school to help pupils to bring their dreams to life. And there is now a Gulf 3D printing Olympiad to which
you can register at: http://www.gulf3dprinting.com.

What I see here is that by simplifying and democratizing the hardware you remove inhibition and let your ideas go. Excellent!


So if you can print a toys, small pieces, cars, what prevent printing mechanical parts such as this one below? Nothing !!


 3D part.PNG


So imagine a near future where our customers print their disk arrays... We will enter an era in which hardware will be at the plastic price!!

It will be more than a commodity world in which we are already in.


So yes, storage hardware is a commodity, we know that. The real value is in what helps build the next generation data centers, or what we can
call the ZTDC, Zero Touch Data Center.

It is software APIs driven, which a combination of DevOps technologies, enhanced end to end automation.

At NetApp, our Data Fabric vision embraces completely this new philosophy. It is Data Management anywhere, anytime, anyway.

Our new components, plug-ins and devices are ready to be consume this way.


So if you are a fan of Apps, APIs and development come an see what we are doing. Participate in one of our hackaton, and build
the ZTS apps (Zero Touch Storage applications) of tomorrow.


From Jean-François Marie

Head of Product & Solutions Marketing EMEA