A Future without Limits – Alliances Help Drive Innovation for NetApp at VMworld 2014

By Maria Olson, Vice President Global Alliances at NetApp


No limits. It is the theme for this year’s VMworld conference and it is an appropriate message for NetApp to get behind. Since our founding in 1992, NetApp has embraced a culture of possibilities in our thinking, developing, and delivering leading solutions that provide customers a competitive edge.


Alliances are Key

While we are deeply proud of our rich history of innovation, we are equally aware of the important role our alliance partners have played in helping establish NetApp as one of the leaders in storage and data management with Data ONTAP. It is particularly gratifying to be here at VMworld where the announcements we have made are creating a buzz and fueling great conversations with partners and customers alike. There is genuine excitement about how we are helping organizations embrace the cloud, leveraging Data ONTAP as a universal data platform across hybrid cloud architectures, while capitalizing on investments in VMware as their virtualization platform.


Software Defined Storage for the Cloud Era

For more than 20 years, NetApp has used the principles of software-defined storage and led in innovation with our operating system Data ONTAP. Our experience using software to make data easy to manage, move and manipulate is what sets us apart and one of the reasons we can introduce new solutions to market so quickly.


At VMworld 2014, NetApp extended our relationship with VMware to drive the future of software-defined services for the hybrid cloud. With over 40,000 joint customers and 1,000 mutual channel partners, NetApp and VMware are committed to enabling organizations to leverage best-in-class technologies for the hybrid cloud.


Some of the other announcements our customers and partners are excited about include our design role as a partner for VMware’s VVOLs, a new storage architecture enabling the granular management of virtual machine data. Based on vSphere Storage APIs, this delivers advanced policy based software-defined storage management improving data storage efficiency and reducing cost and complexity.




We also announced our integration with VMware Virtual Storage Console, delivering one click clustered configuration and providing visibility and management of storage health, utilization, and performance across an entire environment.


Hybrid World – Alliance Ready

We live in a hybrid world. Close cooperation between partners is why NetApp is often first out of the gate with solutions that IT needs to react to the demands of the enterprise. At our booth we have been demonstrating the capabilities of our updated OnCommand Workflow Automation. One customer remarked that he relies on our workflows to help him mask the complexities of his new hybrid architectures. As we talked, he confided that we have helped him deliver services faster and realized improvements in quality of work by replacing manual efforts with automation.


Commitment & Cooperation – Helping Each Other Succeed

Through close cooperation with our partner ecosystem, NetApp has been able to fulfill our vision of helping IT become more streamlined and agile by offering fast and reliable deployments for critical workloads such as VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Citrix and others. This commitment and philosophy drives a win-win mentality. It is why our storage solutions continue to hold the number one spot and why our alliance story remains strong. Cooperation between technology leaders is driving solutions and best-of-breed solutions are what customers and partners need to be successful.