At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Customers Tell Us They Are Cloud Ready

Customers and partners who met with NetApp at the recent Oracle OpenWorld 2014 shared that they are attending conferences ready to make firm decisions about the new products and solutions introduced by cloud. NetApp’s strategy to enable best-in-breed solutions by delivering on 3 & 4-way alliances with key technology partners is being embraced as a strategy that drives customer value by delivering maximum flexibility, opportunity and choice.


With the major shifts taking place in IT today, we sometimes feel like we’re working in the middle of an earthquake. Technology is driving massive disruption and the maturing of cloud, mobile, and social is enabling new business paradigms. In addition, the quest to harness, manage and understand data in all its modes has caused IT to shift thinking and consider new approaches. NetApp, along with our alliance community is responding with solutions that are designed to work seamlessly, delivering more choice for customers. Our teams are in over-drive and our product payload is expanding at a phenomenal rate – this year will see the launch of more new products, across all spaces, than ever before in our company’s history.


Just last week I had the opportunity to attend Oracle OpenWorld 2014. The buzz was palpable as customers, partners and vendors connected to share ideas and understand what the shift in IT is enabling today. I was delighted to be invited back to meet with John Furrier, Co-Founder of SiliconANGLE, and Jeff Frick, GM of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE, for an interview live from the Cisco booth at AT&T Park.


We remarked on the differences we sensed from this year’s OOW over last year’s event, the heightened interest and the quality of the conversations with potential customers. As John pointed out, last year there was a lot of sizzle, whereas this year there seems to be more steak.



Customers Making Firm Decisions


That was an interesting observation, because what I immediately noticed at this conference is that for the first time since cloud-based computing was introduced a few years ago, people are demonstrating a deep understanding of its functionality and interest in exactly how cloud strategies can serve their own industries. Not only are they are coming to events such as OOW, Cisco Live and other key conferences (such as NetApp’s premiere technical conference, Insight 2014 – Las Vegas, NV, October 27-30 & Berlin, Germany, November 17-20), they are coming in anticipation of making firm decisions about timelines and strategies for embracing new technology. Discussions centered around when they will be migrating to cloud, how they will migrate, and what applications they will take there.


NetApp’s Strategy Enables Best-of-Breed Choice for Customers


There is no better time for NetApp to work hand-in-hand with our technology partners in 3 & 4 way alliances to bring whole-solution offerings to market. The key word here is partners. NetApp’s open partner eco-system approach with Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, SAP, Red Hat, Citrix and others gives us an advantage over our competitors and plays a critical role in our mutual success. Our eco-system gives customers the most choice and the most flexibility by ensuring that they can decide across a full range of superior products and services they need to remain competitive.


Rapid Time-to-Market means Rapid Time-to-Value


Customers are looking for rapid time-to-market and they want their systems connected efficiently and effectively. Bringing industry leaders together to create strategic partnerships gives the customer much more than merely a single supplier. Alliances such as this afford the customer a choice - to match the right partners with the right technology for a whole-solution offering, with NetApp data management solutions anchoring it, whether it be public, private or hybrid cloud. Our engineering teams are working hard to optimize NetApp storage to work with programs from partners like Cisco, VMware, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Citrix and others keeping us on top as the number one branded storage operating system in the world.


NetApp Continues to Invest


It is no longer a case of NetApp going to market with its customers. It’s about NetApp and our global technology partners working together in a spirit of co-innovation and co-development, and then going hand-in-hand to customers with customized offerings and all the value that each partner brings. In an age of increasing demand and decreasing budgets, this approach helps CXOs with their long-term planning, and NetApp and our best-in-breed partners will be there to help them on their journey.


It is an exciting time to be in IT; and as the industry evolves, NetApp will continue to expand our global alliances strategy to include the development of new eco-system partnerships that deliver value customers are looking for.