Cisco and NetApp: A Partnership Born in the Data Center

NetApp Extends its Congratulations to Cisco on 5 Years of UCS


By Thomas Stanley, Senior Vice President Global Partner Sales & Alliances, NetApp


All great partnerships start with a shared vision of where the industry is going and this ultimately defines the NetApp and Cisco relationship. Our two companies came together with a common goal - deliver unique value to our customers and define the future of the data center.


To successfully navigate changing market conditions, our customers need to take advantage of infinite business capabilities but the ability to maintain control is not easy.  CIOs and IT are embracing new trends to deliver IT faster, cheaper, and smarter in order to make their organizations more responsive and competitive. Together with our partners, NetApp helps customers face the challenges the new generation of cloud and mobile applications bring. 


Our partnership with Cisco has achieved success due to our combined goal of building products to continue defining the market.  We saw a need for business leaders to consolidate their IT infrastructure, save energy costs, host more applications, share resources across different departments, and become more secure. With this clear need, the two companies combined their resources and created the product that would ultimately define our partnership, FlexPod.


Five years ago, Cisco shocked the IT industry by entering the server market with its innovative Unified Computing System. Today, Cisco UCS is #2 in the x86 blade server market, a remarkable feat considering they were unknown to server vendors five years ago.


Our joint FlexPod solution includes Cisco UCS, NetApp unified storage systems, and Cisco Nexus networking fabric. We value having a winning product such as Cisco UCS as part of FlexPod.


The success of FlexPod has far exceeded our expectations. Recent data shows FlexPod enjoys a clear leadership position in the emerging Converged Infrastructure marketplace with more than 3,700 customers, served by 1,000 resellers in 85 countries.


Through all this success, nothing is more important than delivering true, sustained value to customers, and in recognizing this milestone, together Cisco and NetApp will continue to change and transforms IT infrastructure to meet the needs of organizations globally.


Congratulations to Cisco on the success of UCS.


Here’s to continuing our partnership and celebrating more exciting milestones together.


Thanks Thomas! Looking forward to those milestones.