Citrix Ready: Yes, We Are!

Back in October, I shared examples of the close collaboration between Citrix and NetApp, from engineering integration to joint solutions, and the resulting pleased customers like Best Best and Krieger.

And, as mentioned last October, I shared that there is more coming, which is what I’d like to talk about today. NetApp is excited to announce our participation in the Citrix Ready Low Cost Converged Infrastructure Verified Program. Citrix is collaborating with industry leading system and storage vendors, including NetApp, via a variety of pre-architected, differentiated converged building blocks with CPU, storage, and network. We will be testing our storage and plan to share the results so customers can be confident that our solutions deliver results as expected. More information on the Citrix announcement can be found here.

We’ve also been talking about trying to take the cost and complexity out of Desktop Virtualization. Storage solutions supporting desktop virtualization environments must be flexible and keep per-desktop costs low -- without compromising performance, availability, or scaleability. When implementations follow best practices, desktop virtualization solutions can cost-effectively scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of concurrent users. However, when projects are improperly scoped for key requirements -- such as IOPS per desktop, user capacity and user profiles -- there can be a significant negative impact on the user experience, manageability, and scalability. One new tool I'd like to recommend you can use to get started on your desktop virtualizaiton projects is the FREE Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator. It is an expert based XenDesktop assessment, design, and implementation tool that you can use to simplify your desktop virtualization planning and installation projects with decision checklists, best practices, peer benchmarks, and how-to videos - all organized to make it easy for you to use.

Storage plays a key role in desktop virtualization, and is often the critical factor in the success of a project, and NetApp is working with Citrix to drive cost down without sacrificing performance and scalability.

NetApp is thrilled to be part of the Citrix Ready program which will  enable us to continue to deliver the most value to our customers.