CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013

Cloud continues to gain momentum big time…and CloudStack is one of the leading open source platforms for building and managing clouds.  The CloudStack Collaboration conference, aimed at users, developers and everybody else interested in CloudStack, will be happening in Amsterdam from November 20-22, and NetApp is proud to be a gold sponsor.


One of NetApp’s main considerations is to provide enterprise class storage solutions to all of our customers, and for those that are interested in or already are using Apache CloudStack  (or CloudPlatform, Citrix’s supported version of CloudStack) will have the opportunity to see the latest developments and innovation around what we're doing as part of this movement and our support for the developers in this space.


Some of the things we'll be talking about at the event include our latest iteration of the Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for CloudStack, which is currently under development. For those not familiar with what VSC brings to the table, here is a demo of a currently shipping similar product for XenServer. VSC for CloudStack will provide (via plugin) storage management capabilities directly from the CloudStack management interface. Integrated operations include provisioning of primary and secondary storage, virtual machine backup and recovery, storage analytics, and more. Offloading backup and recovery to the storage tier results in simplified operations and and scalability. To read more about our VSC for CloudStack, as well as our considerations to help those looking to use the cloud as consumers, go to Sumit Lahiri's latest blog post, "Into the Cloud and Back….with NetApp." We've also got a beta program for Virtual Storage Console for Apache CloudStack for those interested in trying it out now.


Recently, I spoke with NetApp’s David La Motta, one of our experts that will be at the CloudStack Conference, and he was excited to share more about what we’ll be showcasing. “Virtual Storage Console for CloudStack will be the latest product to join NetApp’s VSC lineup, bringing the same orchestration and turn-key features (that made the hypervisor versions so popular) to the cloud and IaaS space.  All of the VSCs have similar features at their core, and they also share a common set of goals.  Those goals, which are very popular with IT administrators, include reducing complexity, saving time, and eliminating errors, while applying NetApp best practices in simple and clearly defined operations.” David was also glad to tell me that “we believe that sharing an end-to-end view of what it takes to create a product such as the VSC for CloudStack is not only beneficial, but can also be an enriching opportunity for others to see our technology up close and personal, and we can’t wait to share a live demo during our session.


If you’re attending Citrix CloudStack Conference, be sure to come by and meet our experts, David La Motta and Chris Suich.


Our customers and Citrix are very excited about what we’re doing at the CloudStack Conference, and we’re looking forward to being there. Come find us at the event!