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Are you ready to capitalize on the hottest trend in IT right now? At NetApp Insight, our annual conference for storage and data management professionals, you will learn the latest thinking in data management strategies while you connect with customers, partners and industry experts. Understand how NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy is positioned to deliver more across your enterprise. Learn how NetApp’s alliance partners like Cisco and Fujitsu are working with us to deliver tomorrow’s vision for data management today. Join us in Las Vegas or Berlin for the event that 97% of last year’s attendees plan to return to. The heat is on for the next generation of data management. Let’s face it together.


A recent article in the Wall Street Journal identified data storage as one of the hottest Silicon Valley sectors right now. It’s no surprise. Companies and people are producing data at unprecedented rates and implementing the right strategies for data management is top of mind for most organizations. We all know that harnessing the data in your enterprise applications can drive better corporate performance. Yet according to Gartner, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to exploit data for competitive advantage through 2015.


The reason? For many organizations they lack a cohesive data management strategy. Their data resides in multiple locations, multiple siloes and multiple formats, hampering access, control and choice.


Data FabricLiberate Your Data with NetApp’s Data Fabric Strategy

NetApp has been delivering high value, high impact data management solutions to enterprises for more than twenty years. Our singular focus on understanding data better than anyone else has put our company in one of the best positions to offer a complete holistic vision which is based on our Data Fabric strategy. And because we’ve learned over the years that “one size does not fit all”, our solutions are designed to connect your hybrid environments and support your mission-critical applications with a consistent software-defined interface that promises visibility into what you need to know to be effective. With NetApp’s Data Fabric in place, you can liberate your data, delivering that edge you are looking for.


Innovation and Experts Come Together

The pace of business today is astonishing. Keeping up with the trends in our industry as they are happening has become next to impossible. For many of us, we are on a business treadmill, spending the majority of our days in meetings, on conference calls, returning email, or simply commuting. While remaining current is important, many of us simply don’t have enough cycles to invest in our own education and learning on a regular basis.


Insight offers an opportunity to immerse yourself for three days in the latest innovation that NetApp and our partners are delivering. Hands-on labs, free training and free certifications lets you accelerate your professional credentials. Up close and personal access to subject matter experts fosters collaboration. Meeting with executives will help you understand how our vision is unfolding. At Insight you can ask tough questions, and get the answers you need.


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It’s more than an investment in yourself, Insight will prepare you to tackle the newest challenges facing your business. After all, it’s the hottest trend in IT today. Join us at Insight where ideas are sparking, fueling the next generation of data management.


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