Good news about Cloud from Citrix

We live in exciting times for IT.  Data center technology is evolving rapidly to meet accelerating customer interest in cloud services.  Virtually every customer I talk to is  already implementing or is planning to implement these services.  And the key question from them isn’t “Why do I do it?” but “What’s the best way?”. The announcement from Citrix today provides a compelling answer.


Citrix CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager represent enhancements to a mature CloudStack platform. I applaud Citrix for this announcement and their turn-key approach to cloud orchestration and service portals, which further simplifies the implementation of cloud services.


NetApp provides an excellent complement to CloudPlatform. We are focused on developing technologies and partnerships that enable customers to seamlessly connect their cloud environments and freely move data between clouds. Our Data ONTAP operating system provides a universal data platform that works with CloudStack or any cloud environment, and offers a simple, efficient way to move data in and out of a cloud. In fact, our joint solution with Citrix supports dozens of customers in CloudStack environments today, including KIVBF and University of Sao Paulo. Data services such as data protection, secure multi-tenancy, storage provisioning and cloning are available across both public and private cloud environments. These capabilities enable customers to expand their choice of cloud technologies and service providers while maintaining control of the data no matter where it resides.


Today our storage solution for CloudPlatform delivers storage automation, resource allocation, and virtual machine backup and recovery. We also continue to invest in CloudPlatform with Citrix, by developing joint best practice designs and additional areas for integration. Our mutual objective with the CloudPlatform collaboration is to provide users with a turnkey solution, including a cloud-ready storage environment that optimizes storage utilization, simplifies management, and accelerates the transition to infrastructure-as-a-service.


In short, this is good news from Citrix and great news for our mutual customers.