NetApp and Microsoft Ramping Up New Cloud Service Models for CSPs

Enterprise Challenge and SP Opportunity

The pace of change in business and IT is relentless; to stay on top, decision makers must focus on agility.  Flexible solutions that bridge current IT environments to the cloud can help enterprises meet their business objectives in a dynamic world.  Service providers are now in a better position to give customers what they need by offering seamless hybrid and public cloud solutions built on NetApp® and Microsoft.


New Service Options from NetApp and Microsoft

Many service providers already use the award winning FlexPod® Datacenter with Microsoft Private Cloud for managed private clouds. Now SPs can access new resources and reference architectures to further monetize services built on NetApp and Microsoft.  Two new areas of opportunity are emerging.  The first is around hybrid offers with Microsoft Azure the second leverages the Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.


NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Microsoft Azure is a recent addition to the NetApp Microsoft Cloud Portfolio.  It allows service providers to build an IaaS foundation that combines the flexibility and cost efficiency of Azure compute with the performance, availability and control of NetApp enterprise storage.  With it, service providers can offer customers compute savings on variable workloads such as DR, dev/test, analytics, or scientific compute while using dedicated storage, to meet the strictest data compliance, privacy, and sovereignty requirements.  They also gain the IOPS performance to run enterprise applications such as SAP, SQL Server and Oracle as a service with Azure.   Best of all they gain a frictionless way to move and manage data seamlessly between an on-premises and NPS for Azure environment with a common data management architecture.


As the Microsoft Azure data center rollout continues worldwide, service providers are adding NPS for Azure to their service offerings. Three recent examples of this include Concerto in the US, Cube-52in the UK, and Dilignet in Australia.  To further help service providers establish businesses based on NPS for Azure, NetApp now offers Cloud Labs in Tokyo, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney (April), and Washington DC. Service providers will find a host of resources at these labs that allow them to plan test and deploy services based on NetApp and Microsoft Azure.


We are also announcing the first integrated and validated storage solution supporting the Cisco Cloud Architecture (CCA) for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.  NetApp sees CCA for the Microsoft Cloud Platform as a key way of enabling of our SP partners to take advantage of a rich set of off-the-shelf pre-engineered IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service catalogs to build profitable cloud offering sets quickly and with the minimum of risk.   For more information check out the blog post from Russell Fishman our director of Cloud Product Management at NetApp.


Meet with NetApp at the 2015 Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit

Now is the time to think about diversifying your portfolio and adding powerful enterprise-grade hybrid and public cloud offerings for your customers.  Check out our Cloud Labs and come talk with our representatives at the Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit about how you can build your business and better serve your customers with new solutions from NetApp and Microsoft.  Contact the NetApp Team to arrange a meeting.   We look forward to seeing you in Bellevue.