Reuse Existing Equipment When You Build a FlexPod

“Can I use my existing Cisco or NetApp components in a FlexPod or do I have to buy new ones?”


This is one of the most common questions I’m asked – by customers, channel partners, and the press.

The answer is, of course, a resounding YES!  It is yet another example of the flexibility of FlexPod.   If you already have NetApp FAS, Cisco UCS, or Cisco Nexus systems validated with FlexPod, you can absolutely use those systems to build a FlexPod.


Besides, starting with equipment you already have:

  • Protects the investment you’ve already made in IT infrastructure
  • Allows you to build a FlexPod quickly, using what you have
  • Lets you expand on systems you already know and love to test FlexPod’s suitability for your other data center needs
  • Avoids the retraining expense associated with deploying new equipment


And a LOT of IT departments are already using Cisco fabric, NetApp FAS, and Cisco UCS.  In fact, UCS is now the #3 blade server vendor globally (#2 in many countries) and NetApp Data ONTAP is now the #1 storage OS globally.  That means there are many satisfied customers who have one or the other system and are now looking to combine these two industry-leading systems into an integrated data center platform.  That’s what FlexPod does.


But FlexPod provides customers with more than just some world-class components glued together in the data center.   The FlexPod architecture’s pre-validation, extensive documentation, extensive partner network, and technical integration provide a simplified path to cloud.  There’s also strong cooperative support that helps customers quickly resolve issues.  There’s open management with pre-validated management toolsets.   Customers agree there’s a lot of value in the complete platform and in the final integrated deployed solution.  The key point is that you can get that value while using equipment you have already purchased.


Still, I keep getting the question of equipment reuse from customers and partners.  Why?  Because other vendors in the converged infrastructure space mandate the purchase of new products in an inflexible, harder-to-customize unit.  Unlike FlexPod, with those vendors you’ll have to rip-and-replace your existing systems or buy equipment you many not need simply to test it’s suitability for your environment.


For more about the Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus, and NetApp FAS components of FlexPod, check out the Cisco FlexPod design pages.