VMWare Partner Exchange 2015: NetApp Delivers Software Defined Storage

unnamed.pngBy Suzette Pereira-Beardsley, Solutions Marketing Manager, VMware Solutions, NetApp

There is excitement in the air – today, VMware is hosting its 2015 Partner Exchange in San Francisco. As a Diamond Event Sponsor, NetApp has the opportunity to showcase the advancements we have made in our joint solutions with VMware.                                                             

Unveiling of VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes

One of the most anticipated pieces of news out of PEX is VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes. vSphere Virtual Volumes has discussed for the last several years and I, for one, am excited to see its delivery.

Virtual Volumes are setting the stage to fundamentally change how storages arrays manage VMware virtual machines (VMs). Virtual Volumes on Clustered Data ONTAP delivers policy based management that allows granular storage capabilities to be easily matched to a VM storage policy. This innovative technology is exciting for NetApp since it raises the profile of our storage capabilities.  

NetApp is a key design and reference partner for the solution and has worked closely with VMware to bring the solution to market. NetApp has been a leader in its development, participating in the first open beta program, and is the only partner to offer multi-protocol support, unifying both NAS and SAN protocols within one storage pool.

NetApp’s support for Virtual Volumes builds upon NetApp’s patented Virtual Storage Console and VASA Provider tools that provide storage efficiency, innovative data protection services and reduced complexity in a VMware virtual infrastructure environment. Virtual Volumes integrates naturally with the data management, multi-tenant and policy-based management capabilities of NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP to deliver software-defined storage. Now, key storage operations such as snapshots, compression, and VM mobility can be performed by the storage array greatly enhancing performance and efficiency.  

NetApp’s support for Virtual Volumes delivers another level of software defined storage and all the benefits of automation including simplifying storage operations and improving storage efficiency. Leveraging the unique capabilities of clustered Data ONTAP, the NetApp solution provides a comprehensive data management solution.

I invite you to visit our community site to test the solution today and see for yourself how can bring new levels of efficiency to your storage environment. Please click here to access the Virtual Volumes on NetApp Test Drive Program and instructions.