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Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


do a CTRL-C immediately on the first prompt when it show's the seconds counting.....

Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

I did exactly as you described

but with 7Mode SIM it changes only the System Serial but not the System II

Any ideas?


Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


The procedure worked fine for me.

I downloaded vSIM 8.1, installed it on ESX4i, at first boot stopped in SIMLOADER and changed both SYS_SERIAL_NUM and bootarg.nvram.sysid (just one number down from original). I then continued with SIMLOADER> boot and stopped in special boot menu, selecting option 4 for a fresh install.

Now I've got two vSIM 8.1 in OnCommand/DFM with unique SN and sysid .

regards Erik

Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?

Yes, seems that happens in some DOT8.x simulator versions. In that case follow these steps to change the serial number (you'll need a fresh simulator to do this, can't use one that already ended up in the panic situation).

  • Set up the simulator, e.g. at first startup, Ctrl+C into Boot Menu and choose option 4 to initialize, then go through setup to assign hostname, IP, etc.
  • "priv set advanced"
  • "useradmin diaguser unlock"
  • "useradmin diaguser password" and enter a new password
  • "systemshell" and login with username diag and the password you just created
  • "sudo rm /sim/dev/,disks/,reservations"
  • "exit"
  • "halt"
  • Reboot VM, Ctrl+C at first prompt so you get into the Loader
  • "set bootarg.nvram.sysid=1111111101" --> change number as needed
  • "set SYS_SERIAL_NUM=1111111101"  --> change number as needed
  • "boot"
  • Ctrl+C to get into Boot Menu
  • Choose maintenance mode
  • "disk assign all"
  • "halt"
  • --> Simulator will boot up fine with new serial

Hope that helps


Re: Changing Serial/SystemID in ONTAP8 Sim?


good part for the reservations!

It is not in the manual for 8.1.1 Simulator.

I'm also using "setenv" in stead of "set".

Try to write down the "printenv SYS_SERIAL_NUM" output before you change it.

In case of panic you can always go back.