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I am an engineer at Gemalto, and our external Key Manager is certified with Ontap 9.3 for external Key Management via KMIP.. I wanted to setup the KMIP communication from the Ontap Simulator to the Gemalto KeyManager to verify KMIP handshake...

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Ah, that is a different scenario then. Can you send your gemalto contact details through to my NetApp email address? (<firstname>.<lastname> and I will find a contact for you to see what we can do.

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Hi  @howard i have geed news for the dots endless-waiting.

in ONTAP 9.4 there's soft-zeroing feature (can't recall the branded name) that will elminate the very long wait required for this stage in the install.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: ONTAP 9.3 Simulator


When the  9.4 simulator  will be available for download&

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Sad to report...maybe the dots are not going across the screen like 9.3, but 9.4 cannot even get past starting cluster services. ...It just sits there......doing nothing all the while disk drives have the odd green flashing something is going on, but whatever it is has nothing to do with management ot creating a cluster.


Even after I have zero'd the disks, entered Node IP....then go to create the response from this sim. Black Hole.


9.4 is no better than 9.3. 


I am giving up.....wasted far to much time on this already for no reaqson other than to be frustrated.





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