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Re: Simulate ONTAP 8.1.1 withVirtualBox

Hien -


You're on the right track.  Don't use "Host Only" network settings for the NICs.  In VBox that means the VM can only connect via the network to the underlying host, but not to each other which is needed for the cluster interfaces.  NAT works well - in fact almost anything other than "Host Only" can be made to work.


My personal preference for VBox, if you want to keep all presence off "real" networksm  is to create a virtual private VM only network in VBox and assign the cluster interfaces for both nodes to that named network when doing a cluster pair.  Then your other interfaces can still be host only if all other communication is only coming from the host.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Simulate ONTAP 8.1.1 withVirtualBox

I have downloaded almost all 8.1 simulations but unable to find the required vmdks, Please see screenshot. I need urgent help with this. "DataONTAP.vmdk", "DataONTAP-var.vmdk", "DataONTAP-nvram.vmdk", and "DataONTAP-sim.vmdk". Also I am unable to add a Floppy controller Please guide.

Re: Simulate ONTAP 8.1.1 withVirtualBox

Ah, I see. Its a tale of two disk models.


The simulators prior to 8.1.1 used the "classic" system diskmodel.  It had one disk with all the slices required for the sim and an optional 2nd disk for just the cf card.  The screenshot you posted is of the 2 disk "quickload" variant.


From 8.1.1 onward, the "standard" system diskmodel with 4 virtual disks is used.  The 8.1 you downloaded still has the classic structure, so the other disks are not present.  


In the two disk variant, the DataONTAP.vmdk goes on IDE0:0 and the DataONTAP-cf.vmdk goes on IDE0:1.  I haven't tried 8.1 in vbox so let us know if it works.


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Re: Simulate ONTAP 8.1.1 withVirtualBox

You can give a try on this!


Make sure your vyos router is up.


Make sure your node1 is turned up. You can check by pinging to this specific ip address for node1 as well as router.


Hope this should work.