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Re: Simulator 8.0.1 in KVM

Just in case folks are still interested in this topic, I applied the patch to the qemu sources from here:

Since I wasn't able to find a downloadable version of the patch, I copy-pasted it and had to adjust a number of lines so the patch could actually be applied, which was a bit tedious, but what matters is the end result.

Which is: it seems to be working fine for a linux guest - but the ONTAP simulator still doesn't like it, as the next screenshot illustrates.

Might have to do with the comments on the patch code in the follow-up post of the thread:

I too would prefer to see the simulator running on KVM, but at this point I'm inclined to stick with virtual box, where it's working fine for me.

Of course, should anybody manage to get this to work with KVM, please share.



Re: Simulator 8.x in KVM

Has any thought or progress been given/made to getting the simulator running in KVM in the last year or so?

With KVM picking up speed and OpenStack deployments growing this seems like a natural thing to make happen.

Re: Simulator 8.0.1 in KVM

Hey, this is an old thread which I'm sure no oen will read --but I got an OnTap 9 .4 Simulator built and fully functional in KVM using a Centos 7.

To be honest, I did not expect it to work for such a small effort I put into it.





Re: Simulator 8.0.1 in KVM


that sounds very interesting, I am about to try that myself. 

Could you describe how you did it? 


Many thanks. 

Re: Simulator 8.0.1 in KVM

please share your details how you got 9.4 Simulator running in KVM



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