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Autosupport Rest API - produce historical report of storage by type (SAS, SATA, SSD)


It is my goal to produce a Powershell script to quickly look at an HA pair, and provide a historical report of storage growth over time, by storage type (SAS, SATA,SSD). This helps greatly in refreshes.

I have looked at, and tested, some of the Rest API's but it seems i may have to go into each Autosup, parse the aggr, to get the size. I will then have to get the Storage or Aggr, parse that was well to detrmine what type of disks are in it - with a big table of obscure model numbers to determine the disk type.


Is there an easier way?



REST can be used against OnCommand Insight to provide what you're asking. I'm not aware of a REST API with Autosupport.


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