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NMSDK 9.7 file-list-directory-iter output always returns acl-type of "unknown"


I've tested this call against several filesystems on cDOT OnTAP 9.6P2 volumes using SDK 9.5, 9.6 and 9.7 since I still had all 3 "laying around". By default we use 9.7.


The acl-type field returned for previous OnTAP and SDK versions used to return the ACL type of each file and directory encountered, almost always returning "nt_acl" or "nfs_acl". It now returns "unknown" for all objects.


I haven't used the call for some time, and I'd have a pretty hard time determining the version of either that actually worked. Sory about that, I wish that I had more detail on when it broke. I suspect that the issue is with OnTAP, not with the SDK.





what do you see when running: the following via CLI?

vserver security file-directory show -vserver vs1 -path /vol_name/folder/folder/file


unknown dosen't seems good - i assume this is taken from the official documentation .....


Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


For a test file, from the API I get this:

  accessed-timestamp    1543609822 Fri Nov 30 15:30:22 2018
            acl-type    unknown
          bytes-used    0
   changed-timestamp    1557771037 Mon May 13 14:10:37 2019
  creation-timestamp    1543609807 Fri Nov 30 15:30:07 2018
                dsid    1905
           file-size    0
           file-type    file
            group-id    65534
    hard-links-count    1
    inode-gen-number    1234618383
        inode-number    29094
         is-junction    false
       is-vm-aligned    false
  modified-timestamp    1543609807 Fri Nov 30 15:30:07 2018
                msid    2147485355
                name    Also_No_BIA_FC.txt
            owner-id    65534
                perm    777


From the CLI for the same file I get this:

                Vserver: fn30du9pdv
              File Path: /ACLtest/Also_No_BIA_FC.txt
      File Inode Number: 29094
         Security Style: ntfs
        Effective Style: ntfs
         DOS Attributes: 20
 DOS Attributes in Text: ---A----
Expanded Dos Attributes: -
           UNIX User Id: 65534
          UNIX Group Id: 65534
         UNIX Mode Bits: 777
 UNIX Mode Bits in Text: rwxrwxrwx
                   ACLs: NTFS Security Descriptor
                         Group:US\Domain Users
                         DACL - ACEs

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