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Netapp default user id and password


I for got netapp storage user name and password,

kindly suggest me how to open netapp storage. please provide default user id and password


Re: Netapp default user id and password


You forgot, but the rest of us never knew what it was to begin with, so you're unlikely to get a good answer here.


Whoever configured SG had to saved the recovery file during grid configuration.

Re: Netapp default user id and password


There are no default passwords to login to StorageGRID manager.


If this is regarding the StorageGRID management interface, you would need to open a NetApp support case and they can help you reset the password.


If this is regarding accessing the StorageGRID nodes via SSH, we do have a Passwords.txt file in the recovery package that can be downloaded via the StorageGRID management interface. This contains the SSH passwords for each node but it does not contain any login passwords for the StorageGRID management interface.

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