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Rename NMS entities


The 11.4 Recovery & Maintenance guide teases by saying "You can rename grid nodes" but fails to give any details.  It used to be possible to do this in the old NMS, but the GMI 'NMS Entities' section doesn't appear to be editable (you can only export)

I'm looking for a way to rename a node and also a site in 11.4 - does anyone have a method for this please?



Re: Rename NMS entities


StorageGRID 11.4 Recovery and Maintenance guide is incorrect re 'You can rename grid nodes' and documentation team is aware of this incorrect information and will update the document.  Rename Grid name, site name or node name is not supported. 

In StorageGRID 11.3 or earlier version, on Grid Manager --> Display Options --> NMS entities page, there is pencil button that seems to allow change.  However, there is also warning 'Do not modify or reorder values on this page unless directed by technical support.'.  Any change to the NMS entities could break maintenance procedure and name likely to be reverted back. 


In all StorageGRID 10.x and 11.x version,  rename Grid name, site name or node name is not supported.  

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