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Which features of S3 does Storagegrid (11.3) support? I can't find a list online. The documentation seems to be outdated? more
Hi Guys,   If try to create a Bucket or other Configurations from Tenant View. I always get these Error:   503: Service Unavailable Service unavailabl more
Hi folks   I have the following policy to limit access per groups to only one specific bucket (3 groups, 3 buckets): {"Statement": [{"Effect": "Allow" more
Connecting to https://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ("primary-admin-api-address" from config.json)Connection verified (received 200)2020/10/01 12:37:02: Performing more
attempting to put a lifecycle policy to abort failed s3 Multipart uploads after a specific duration below is the object life cycle policy { "Rules": [ more
Hi all, The company I'm working with interested in SSE-KMS based solution for our S3 implementation.I tried to find some documentation for that in Sto more
Hello   My customer have StorageGrid Whitebox licensed for 5TB and are in process to upgrade to 10TB license.   What happen if he exceed 5TB before up more
I did setup prometheus datasource in grafana and download the SG dashboard - all working - but i need a dashboard to see Tenant/Buckets capacity . i h more
Hi team,   i would like to display all limits on all tenants in our SGW environment. Now we use already the powershell module but it doesn't do exactl more
I have four S3 buckets bucket1, bucket2, bucket3, bucket4. I would like to create a new Access/secret key that only has access to ONE of these four bu more
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