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Cloud Backup:  Monthly Updates

  • February '22 Updates( Check out the February '22 Updates Blog for more details! )
    • Support for backups on volumes created outside Cloud Manager using ONTAP CLI, REST & Trident
    • Assign backup policy for individual volumes on the Working Environment
    • Cloud Backup Service: Search & Restore(Indexed Catalog Feature Preview)
    • Job Monitoring
  • March '22 Updates
    • Support Azure TLS version 1.2
    • Job Monitoring Enhancements
    • Performance improvements, additional fields for SnapCenter and bug fixes
    • Catalog Enhancements
    • Performance improvements and bug fixes
    • Removed the integration between Cloud Backup and Data Sense
    • Support Cases – Bug Fixes
  • April '22 Updates
    • Cloud Backup for Applications 1.1.0 (powered by SnapCenter) is now GA
    • New Search & Restore feature to search for volumes or files across all ONTAP backup file.
  • May'22 Updates ( Check out the May '22 Updates Blog for more details! )
    • Search & Restore is now supported with backup files in Google Cloud Storage
    • Cloud Backup now requires a license before being activated on a working environment

Cloud Backup:  Feature Blogs

Cloud Backup:  Videos

1. What is Cloud Backup Service?

2. Cloud Backup Service Backup Demo

​​3. Cloud Backup Service Volume and File Restore

4.Cloud Backup: Search and Restore

5.Cloud Backup Service Archive Tier Support