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Ask the Experts: NetApp PowerShell Questions


September 2016

PowerShell technical questions are regularly asked and answered on the NetApp® Community site. In this month’s Ask the Experts, we provide pointers to information for using PowerShell across the NetApp portfolio: All-Flash FAS (AFF) and FAS systems with ONTAP®, E-Series systems with the SANtricity® OS and SolidFire® systems with Element OS.


  • The ONTAP PowerShell module contains over 2000 cmdlets, enabling the storage administration of ONTAP-powered systems via the NetApp Manageability SDK (sometimes referred to as ZAPI).
  • The SANtricity PowerShell module contains over 200 cmdlets, enabling the storage administration of NetApp E-Series storage systems and EF-Series all-flash arrays.
  • SolidFire PowerShell Tools provide a collection of scripts, functions, and examples for operations such as snapshot scheduling, remote logging, bulk volume tasks, and more.


Where Can I Find NetApp PowerShell Toolkits?


The NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.2 unified the majority of NetApp’s PowerShell modules into a single package; it supports ONTAP running on FAS, AFF, commodity hardware – or the cloud – and SANtricity (running on E-Series storage systems and EF-series all-flash arrays).


The unified toolkit provides complete API coverage to ONTAP 9.0 and is backward compatible with previous ONTAP releases as well. It also enables end-to-end automation and storage management for ONTAP Select running on commodity hardware and ONTAP Cloud instances running on a public cloud service. The 4.2 release supports Microsoft Windows Server 2016 in addition to previously supported versions of Windows (Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, and Windows 7, 8 and later).


You can download the NetApp Unified Toolkit from the NetApp support site (registration required).


SolidFire PowerShell Tools are available separately via the SolidFire GitHub site.


Getting Started


For help getting started, check out these blog posts and videos:



PowerShell-related Sessions at NetApp Insight 2016


If you plan to attend the Insight Conference in Las Vegas (Sept 26-29) or Berlin (Nov 14-17), be sure to check out these sessions:




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I need to write some PowerShell Scripts for VSC stuff.


Can someone point me to the NetApp VSC Powershell download?

When is the NetApp powershell tool kit going to be available for the MAC?  I can run it on a Windows image but I'd rather run it natively on my MAC with Powershell v6.

how to configure a FAS2650 with dual controllers as HA and each controller act as one entity one for NAS and other for SAN?

Do the Powershell commandlets work the same way with OnTap Cloud so existing automation can be ported to it?

Where is the MAC version ?



Development has been focusing on Powershell toolkit for Windows, last I heard they were looking at deploying it for Linux but haven't heard anything about a MAC version even though Powershell is available for the MAC.

Hello @pippen23,


Please reach out to me directly (my community username at if the PowerShell toolkit on platforms other than Windows is something you're interested in.


Thank you,





I would need help in order to write a script using the netapp module in poweshell, which shall log into the storage arrays and using SSH will run certain set of commands, the output of which is required to be stored in a text file. Any script which i can refer to is higlhy appreciated as i am quite new to the Netapp module in powershell scripting. Kindly help with the above requirement.


Requirement : 


->login into storage arrays using SSH sessions.

-> Execute commands (eg : show volume / show log etc) and store it in a .txt / .xls files.


Thank you