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April 2012
The Entry-Level FlexPod Solution
Lifting a Nation with NetApp Storage
IT Lessons from Star Wars
Free Mobile App for AutoSupport
Usable Volume Size
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Editor's Note
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Mina Eng
Tech OnTap

Transforming IT is critical to every business, but did you realize it can also have the power to help lift a nation after unprecedented disaster strikes?  Be sure to check out how SOFTBANK Group was able to quickly deploy cloud-based services to companies affected by the 2011 great East Japan earthquake.

Also included in this issue are our continued coverage on FlexPod, why you should download the free Support app, how usable volume is calculated, and a blog that discusses how you can get IT lessons from Star Wars.

Entry-Level FlexPod: Right-sized for Smaller Workloads
Entry-Level FlexPod: Right-Sized for Smaller Workloads
Arun Garg, Senior Product Line Manager, Cisco
Joel McKelvey, Senior Marketing Manager, NetApp
The new entry-level FlexPod® from NetApp and Cisco delivers the same architecture, technology and management—but with a design tailored for smaller requirements.

Find out how the right building blocks let you scale it up or scale it out. FlexPod offers more options and greater flexibility.
Tips from the Trenches
Discover how smarter storage can help lift a nation
How SOFTBANK Group Is Using NetApp Storage to Help Lift a Nation
Discover how Japanese telecommunications and Internet leader SOFTBANK Group leveraged its cloud-based services infrastructure to mobilize a remote workforce within three days and significantly decrease critical electrical power usage after the 2011 great East Japan earthquake.
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Blog of the Month
Jason Bosil
IT Lessons from Star Wars
Jason Blosil,
Product Marketing Manager
Do storage and networking partnerships contain the drama of a space opera? Find out in Jason Blosil’s hilarious yet informative blog, which compares NetApp’s networking partners to Star Wars’ Princess Leia’s love relationships.
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Admin Resources
Our News Show
Free NetApp Support App
Access the high-value features of NetApp® Support from anywhere.  Use our new app to search and view your AutoSupport™ and case information, right from your mobile device.
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Community Spotlight
Calculating Usable Volume Size
Confused by the calculations for volume space usage when a LUN is created in it? This thread helps you make sense of it all.
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