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Tech OnTap Newsletter April 2014

NetApp: Tech OnTapNetApp: Tech OnTap
Tech OnTap NewsletterApril 2014
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Editor's Note
When NetApp released the next-generation FAS8000 back in February, the idea was to create a flexible, scale-out platform suitable for both enterprise and cloud storage needs. This month, we take a closer look at NetApp cloud efforts and the work NetApp is doing to enhance OpenStack and deliver the full advantages of NetApp® storage features in an OpenStack cloud.

We’ve also got the latest tips for getting started with clustered Data ONTAP® and NetApp scale-out. Ryan Beaty of Zumasys draws on years of experience designing and installing NetApp storage to bring you the inside scoop.
-Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor, @minayeng
NetApp Cloud: OpenStack NetApp Cloud: OpenStack
Robert Esker, Senior Product Manager for OpenStack
Jeff Whitaker, Cloud Solutions Manager
OpenStack is quickly becoming the leading open platform for private and public clouds as it makes the transition from a project to a product. 

Find out what you need to know about OpenStack, including design, current releases, the latest on distributions, and what you can do to get ready. Details of NetApp’s OpenStack contributions—including the Manila shared file system—are included.
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Seven Tips to Get Started with Clustered Data ONTAP Seven Tips to Get Started with Clustered Data ONTAP
Ryan Beaty, Practice Manager, Infrastructure, Zumasys
Clustered Data ONTAP is ready for you. Are you ready for it? Seven tips from the front lines will help get you up to speed on important concepts and tools.
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nVIDIA Doubles the Pace of Innovation
nVIDIA Doubles the Pace of InnovationLearn how NetApp helped visual computing innovator nVIDIA double its engineers’ productivity.
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The Network Connectivity You Need
Frank Pleshe, Technical Marketing EngineerFrank Pleshe,
Technical  Marketing Engineer
Find out how NetApp drives innovation to increase the flexibility and performance of computer storage networking.
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What’s New at NetApp
What’s New at NetAppNick Howell,
VMware Solutions Architect
NetApp’s VMware Solutions Architects Nick Howell and Pete Flecha discuss the latest NetApp happenings in episode 39 of the NetApp Communities podcast.
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Microsoft Cloud on NetApp Helps Jack Wolfskin Go Global
Microsoft Cloud on NetApp Helps Jack Wolfskin Go GlobalNetApp’s tight embrace with Microsoft clears the trail to global expansion for an outdoor gear retailer.
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