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Tech OnTap Newsletter August 2013

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Tech OnTap NewsletterAugust 2013
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Editor's Note
An article last month written by Vaughn Stewart explained how NetApp and the clustered Data ONTAP® operating system are breaking new ground on the path to software-defined storage (SDS).  This month, we expand on that topic  with "Nondisruptive Operations with Data ONTAP" and "Software-Defined Data Center." We discuss how the emerging trend of the software-defined data center (SDDC) can help you deliver services faster to your users and what you need to do to get ready for it. 

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-Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor, @minayeng
Software-Defined Data Center: Is Your Infrastructure Ready? Software-Defined Data Center: Is Your Infrastructure Ready?
Joel McKelvey, Sr. Marketing Manager
Mike Andren, Sr. Product Manager, Cisco
The software-defined data center (SDDC) requires your moving beyond basic provisioning tasks to deliver integrated services that span  the infrastructure. Compute, networking, and storage have to be defined and managed in software to create a data center that’s fully automated, policy enforced, and application driven.

The key to success is choosing infrastructure with the necessary level of manageability and programmability. Find out which capabilities you need, see if your infrastructure measures up, and learn why a converged infrastructure—especially the FlexPod® platform—may be the optimum choice.
Full article
Come see us at VMworld SF and learn more about SDDC
Nondisruptive Operations with Clustered Data ONTAP Nondisruptive Operations with Clustered Data ONTAP
Charlotte Brooks, Technical Marketing Engineer
Scheduling downtime has become challenging if not impossible. Clustered Data ONTAP eliminates the need for planned downtime for routine maintenance and lifecycle operations—including full tech refreshes. Learn how it works.
Full article
FlexPod Select with Hadoop
FlexPod Select with Hadoop NetApp and Cisco offer a new solution category for dedicated data-intensive workloads.
Learn more
NetApp 360 Blog:  For Your Eyes Only
NetApp 360 Blog: For Your Eyes Only Blair Semple, SafenetLearn how to use encryption to keep big brother and thieving third cousins away from your data.
Read Blair’s blog
NetApp Field Interview with Ryan:  Flash Array Q&A
NetApp Field Interview with Ryan:  Flash Array Q&AWatch this exclusive interview with Dan Warmenhoven on the importance of flash.
View video
Storage Efficiency
You  read our article on these storage efficiency features; now check out the video versions.


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