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Tech OnTap Newsletter December 2013

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Tech OnTap NewsletterDecember 2013
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Editor's Note
In November, NetApp introduced its latest all-flash array. The EF550 builds on the momentum of its predecessor, with higher performance and new features like dynamic disk pools. Tech OnTap contributor Rip Wilson returns with an update and the latest all-flash use cases.

We also added the new E2700 platform to the E-Series line and enhanced our flagship E5500, and we bring you highlights from September’s Oracle OpenWorld, including three options for accelerating Oracle with flash.

Happy Holidays!
-Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor, @minayeng
The New EF550 FlashSupercharge OLTP and VDI with the New EF550 Flash
Rip Wilson, Technical Marketing Manager
Flash is changing the speed of business and the economics of storage. NetApp released the first EF-series all-flash platform a year ago, and announced the follow-on EF550 in November. The EF550 offers higher performance, more than twice the capacity, and 16Gb/sec Fibre Channel for increased SAN bandwidth and performance. Learn about new features, including dynamic disk pools, and popular use cases like database acceleration, VDI, and I/O offload.
Full article
Blog: Analysis and Results in a Flash
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about E-SeriesEverything You Always Wanted to Know about E-Series
Mark Henderson,  Senior Technical Marketing Manager
The E-Series has emerged as a great platform for general-purpose storage, and is a great fit in almost any situation where you need a dedicated storage system or where most of your data management is done by your application. In November, we announced the new E2700 for remote and branch offices and midsize businesses, as well as connectivity enhancements for the E5500.

This article tells you everything you need to know and describes some popular use cases.
Full article
Blog: NetApp’s Win-Win Innovation Strategy
The Buzz from Oracle OpenWorld 2013The Buzz from Oracle OpenWorld 2013
Steven Schuettinger, Technical Alliance Manager
Did you miss Oracle OpenWorld in September? Hot topics from the NetApp booth included flash acceleration, cutting backup and recovery time, and using thin clones for streamlined operations. Get the scoop here!
Full article
Blog: NetApp Takes IT to the Cloud
NetApp Blogs: Winning with the E-Series
and Flash
NetApp Blogs: Winning with the E-series and FlashGeorge Kurian
Executive VP
Product Operations
NetApp recently released new storage and data management products that are flash accelerated and cloud integrated. Some conversations:
NetApp’s win-win innovation
Enterprise block storage for everyone
Get analysis and results in a flash
Sorting out confusion over flash arrays
White Paper: FAS Hardware Optimized for I/O, Expandability, and Reliability
White Paper: FAS Hardware Optimized for I/O, Expandability, and ReliabilityThis white paper describes how the NetApp FAS product line optimizes memory and I/O bandwidth to provide superior block and file performance – while providing the network connectivity and capacity scaling needed to meet growing and changing data center requirements. That includes availability in excess of 99.999%.
Read  white paper


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