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Tech OnTap Newsletter February 2012

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February 2012
Back to Basics: Data Compression
What Does Data ONTAP Stand For?
Vote for Your Favorite IT Survivor
vSphere 5 Best Practices
New Microsoft Community
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Editor's Note
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Mina Eng
Tech OnTap

I know a lot of our readers follow Vaughn Stewarts’ blog and we are thrilled to have him back this month as a contributor to talk about virtualization, of course.   We are also bringing back another chapter of our popular Back to Basics series focusing on NetApp’s data compression technology.

Speaking of popular, be sure to check out which IT survivor is ahead right now in our Top IT Survivor contest.  You can still vote for your favorite.

vSphere 5 Best Practices and More
vSphere 5 Best Practices and More
Vaughn Stewart, Director and Virtualization Evangelist
vSphere® 5 and Data ONTAP® 8 include a variety of enhancements to support business-critical applications, including storage DRS, storage I/O control, and an updated version of NetApp® VSC.

Learn about updated best practices and find out how you can automate cross-domain IT to streamline provisioning without giving up control.
Back to Basics
Data Compression
Data Compression
Sandra Moulton, Technical Marketing Engineer
NetApp compression squeezes more data into less storage while minimizing performance impact. Learn how it works, use cases, how to deploy it, and more.
Dave's Blog
Dave Hitz, NetApp Founder
What Does Data ONTAP
Stand For?

Dave Hitz, NetApp Founder
Imagine your favorite fermented beverage on tap—always accessible to you. But this tap allows you to get it from any faucet, at any sink, anywhere. Just imagine…
Read Dave's Blog
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Vote for Your Favorite IT Survivor
Special Field Report
IT Top Survivor Contest
Check out the finalists and their videos.  Vote for your favorite and help us reward IT’s Top Survivor.  The video with the most likes wins a Vespa!
See the Special Field Report Video
See the Finalists and Vote
Community Spotlight
The New Microsoft Community
Congregate with your peers in our new Microsoft Apps and Environments Community.  Experts are on hand to talk about all things Microsoft, including the PowerShell Toolkit, and of course Microsoft® apps.

Also be sure to check out the NetApp for Microsoft Environments blog.


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