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Linda Henry, Editor in Chief
I live in the Southern United States where we’ve experienced a very cold and wet winter. Since moving to Georgia from the moderate climate of Northern California, I’ve downloaded multiple weather apps to my mobile devices, and signed up for alerts, only to be shocked awake sometimes by alarms of impending flash floods. The data consolidation, analysis, and distribution that keeps communities informed and prepared when Mother Nature asserts her domination over us, fascinates me. As a newbie farmer, I wish we could customize our weather, on demand.

NetApp VP Lee Caswell wraps up our Data Fabric Solutions Essentials series with a look at the NetApp OpenStack Solution Kit. He likens using OpenStack solutions to create a flexible cloud infrastructure, to the science of cloud seeding. Our other articles this month, on the NetApp Unified Manager and Performance Manager, and our CodeEasy DevOps environment, again focus on how Data Fabric is altering the business of data management, putting you in control.

Author Anthony J. D’Angelo stated:

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."

Enjoy this month’s issue, and stay dry!
— Linda Henry, Editor in Chief
Seed Your Cloud with the NetApp OpenStack Solution Kit Seed Your Cloud with the
NetApp OpenStack Solution Kit

Lee Caswell, Vice President of Product, Solutions and Services Marketing, NetApp
Customize your own clouds to deliver a precise blend of performance, economics, and flexibility. NetApp, Cisco, and Red Hat together created the OpenStack Solution Kit, which simplifies the deployment of a cloud-like infrastructure to seed your cloud initiatives. The OpenStack Solution Kit integrates storage, compute, networking, and support so you can achieve OpenStack innovation with minimal risk.
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Unified Manager and Performance Manager Go Streamline Unified Manager and Performance Manager Go Streamline
Kristina Brand, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp
Dhiman Chakraborty, Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp
The NetApp Unified Manager and Performance Manager provide a single, comprehensive management interface that streamlines how administrators manage their clustered Data ONTAP environment. Now administrators can add a cluster resource once, on the Unified Manager interface, for an automatic, simultaneous addition of the cluster to the Unified Manager instance and its respective Performance Manager instance.
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DevOps at NetApp: “CodeEasy” Is the Name of the Game DevOps at NetApp: “CodeEasy” is the Name of the Game
Tech OnTap Staff
The shift to DevOps—the blending of development and operations—represents a major change in how software is developed. No longer can companies afford scalability bottlenecks, provisioning delays, or lack of proper test and automation tools. NetApp jumped on board with DevOps early and created an internal environment named CodeEasy, which automates the process of provisioning development and QA workspaces for a 2,000-strong, geo-dispersed development community.
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Need More Speed Webcast Series: Reduce Risk and Maximize your Benefits from All-flash Arrays
Need More Speed webcast series: Reduce Risk and Maximize your Benefits from All-flash Arrays Hear from leading analysts and technologists in our on demand sessions with ESG founder Steve Duplessie and executives from Western Oregon University and Apache Corporation.
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Tech ONTAP Live Video: How ING Direct Partners for IT Transformation
Tech ONTAP Live Video: How ING Direct Partners for IT Transformation When a competing bank beat them to market with an iPad app, ING DIRECT, Australia regrouped, evaluated their options, and transformed their IT infrastructure.
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