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Tech OnTap Newsletter Jun 2014

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Tech OnTap Newsletter June 2014
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Editor's Note
With the recent introduction of the FAS2500 and FAS8080 EX, NetApp has completed a top-to-bottom refresh of the entire FAS hardware portfolio. In this month’s feature article, senior engineering VP Dave Mason looks at FAS hardware past, present...and future.

Naturally, there can’t be a hardware launch without a technical deep dive in Tech OnTap. Frequent Tech OnTap contributor and perennial favorite Steve Miller brings you up to speed with separate articles on the FAS8080 EX and FAS2500.
-Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor, @minayeng
The All-New FAS Product Line: Optimized for Modern IT The All-New FAS Product Line: Optimized for Modern IT
Dave Mason, Senior Vice President, FAS Systems Group
With the now completed FAS refresh, NetApp has created a product line that’s simple, flexible, and able to simultaneously support workloads requiring all-flash and hybrid storage to better address the needs of both the enterprise and cloud. 

Find out how the new FAS line builds on the capabilities of its predecessors to deliver millions of IOPS and petabyte scale while taking reliability and availability to new levels.
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FAS8080 EX Delivers Performance, Reliability and Scale for Business-Critical Workloads FAS8080 EX: Performance, Reliability and Scale for Critical Workloads
Steven Miller, Senior Director and Platform Architect
The new FAS8080 EX is the most powerful FAS platform that NetApp has ever designed. With industry-leading all-flash and hybrid performance plus exceptional reliability and availability, this FAS flagship is the ideal storage system for your most critical storage needs.
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Simplify Operations with FAS2500 Unified Hybrid Storage Simplify Operations with FAS2500 Unified Hybrid Storage
Steven Miller, Senior Director and Platform Architect
In the entry space, budgets are especially tight and storage expertise may be limited. The new FAS2500 delivers greater flexibility and simplified operations in a platform optimized for flash and scale-out. You can start small and your storage grows with you.
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Adopting the Cloud Before the Storm Breaks
Mohamed Khalid, Enterprise Cloud ArchitectMohamed Khalid, Enterprise Cloud Architect Learn the key factors in a successful move to hybrid cloud in this strategic 8-part blog series.
Read blog #1
Read blog #2
A Smooth Transition to Clustered Data ONTAP
Mike McNamara, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Data ONTAP SoftwareMike McNamara, Sr. Manager,
Explore the tools and best practices for migrating your data to the clustered Data ONTAP operating system.
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The Evolution and Future of IT
Nick Howell, Virtualization Solutions ArchitectNick Howell, Virtualization Solutions Architect How can IT change its focus from commodity IT, to creating business value, to exploiting new opportunities for even greater value? A look at trends and strategies.
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World Cup Data - The Past, Present, and Future
World Cup Data - The Past, Present, and Future See how a more complex data output is increasing ‘spectator bandwidth’ for the world’s most viewed sporting event.
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