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June 2011
NetApp OnCommand
How to Get to the Cloud
The Virtual Storage Guy Blog
The Four Fundamental Cloud Elements
What Does SnapProtect Mean to You?
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Editor's Note
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Mina Eng
Tech OnTap

This issue of Tech OnTap® is all about helping you accelerate cloud deployment. Our feature article, "Four Fundamental Elements," describes the building blocks that we believe are essential to making a successful transition to the cloud. We also dive deeper into managing storage in the cloud with an article on our recently released OnCommand™ Management Portfolio.

Be sure to check out our Community cloud landing page, which is packed with resources, including blogs, videos, and discussions. And learn more about our featured blogger, Stephen Foskett. Let us know what you think! Join the discussion on the NetApp Community.

The Four Fundamental Cloud Elements      
The Four Fundamental Cloud Elements
David Klem, Reference Architect

NetApp is dedicated to helping you make the transition to the cloud as easy as possible and has identified four key elements.

Find out how to unlock the power of the cloud with service catalogs, advanced analytics, automation, and self-service, and learn how NetApp can help.
Watch Managing Secure Multi-Tenancy video
Tips from the Trenches
NetApp OnCommand
NetApp OnCommand: An Integrated Approach to Storage Management
Cindy Cui, Product Manager
OnCommand 5.0 integrates the capabilities of five tools to simplify provisioning, data protection, and more—part of a management strategy that encompasses cloud partners and in-house development.
See Microsoft Cloud Management video
Another Point of View
Stephen Foskett
NetApp Unifies and Consolidates Software, Not Just Storage Capacity
Stephen Foskett, Founder, Foskett Services & Gestalt IT
Storage expert, Stephen Foskett focuses his blog on data storage, virtual storage, and new storage technologies.  Read his take on NetApp OnCommand and how it melds Akorri® BalancePoint® and NetApp SANscreen®.
Read Stephen's Blog
Community Point of View
How to Get to the Cloud
How to Get to the Cloud
NetApp Technical Experts
Can the cloud help me achieve higher efficiencies and reduce cost? Or should I bother with standards-based cloud storage? Read the blogs from Vaughn Stewart and Val Bercovici, join a discussion, and see all the tweets on the cloud.
Featured Product Announcement
What Does the New SnapProtect Mean to You?
This 53-page technical report describes the new product, how it integrates with the rest of the Snap family, and the best way to get started.
Also see SnapProtect Community discussions
The Virtual Storage Guy Blog
Read the blog post from Vaughn Stewart in which he discusses backup and recovery requirements in a shared IT infrastructure and introduces NetApp SnapProtect™.
Also see "Backup: Collateral Damage on the Journey to the Cloud"


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