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Tech OnTap Newsletter March 2011

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March 2011
NetApp Deduplication
Look Under the Hood of the FAS6200
How Efficient Is Your IT Environment?
Case Study: The Suncorp Private Cloud
Check Out the NetApp IT Analyzer
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Editor's Note
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Mina Eng
Tech OnTap
We've talked a lot lately about the technologies necessary to build a shared IT infrastructure. This issue features those technologies in action with a case study detailing how NetApp customer Suncorp leveraged our stack to build the foundation for a private cloud.

Also, take a peek under the hood of the FAS6200, go back to basics with NetApp® dedupe, and check out our new look. Let us know what you think in our Community.
Suncorp Case Study: How We Built a Private Cloud
Suncorp Case Study:
How We Built a Private Cloud

Ross Windsor, Enterprise Architect, Suncorp
Jason O'Brien, Storage Team Lead, Suncorp

Suncorp, one of Australia's top-25 listed companies, consolidated 7 data centers down to 2, shortened provisioning time by 92%, and increased storage utilization by over 40%.

The IT team integrated all the hot technologies that Tech OnTap has focused on for the last 18 months, including secure multi-tenancy, cloud, VDI, thin provisioning, deduplication, and more. Find out how they did it!
Tips from the Trenches
Peek Under the Hood of the FAS6200
A Peek Under the Hood
of the FAS6200

Steven Miller, Senior Technical Director and Platform Architect
Major enhancements to the processor/memory complex and I/O subsystem allow NetApp’s new platform to deliver great top-line performance and plenty of headroom for important system tasks.
Dave's Blog
Dave Hitz, NetApp Founder
Does the Engenio Acquisition Destroy NetApp's "Unified Storage" Message
Dave Hitz, NetApp Founder
Will we now suffer from the disadvantages that EMC faces with its fragmented product line? We don't think so, and here's why.
Read the Blog
Back to  Basics
NetApp Deduplication
NetApp Deduplication
Carlos Alvarez, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
This second installment of "Back to Basics" digs into deduplication: how it works, use cases, and how to deploy it.
Community Spotlight
Share Storage Efficiency Best Practices
Find out how others are getting the most out of their storage using technologies such as SATA, Flash Cache, and dedupe.
How Does Your IT Environment Measure Up?
Check out the NetApp® Efficient IT Analyzer  to see how your environment stacks up.


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