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March 2012
AutoSupport Boosts Availability
Storage Guy's 2012 Predictions
St. Baldrick's, How You Can Help
FlexPod: Simplify Your Move to the Cloud
Not All Snapshots Are Created Equal
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Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Mina Eng
Tech OnTap

Excitement continues in the marketplace about the FlexPod™ data center platform. So far, FlexPod configurations have been installed at over 600 customer sites in 33 countries.  In this month's newsletter, we focus on validated FlexPod management solutions for automation and orchestration.

In addition to the great information on FlexPod, you may want to check out the AutoSupport article, 2012 predictions from The Virtual Storage Guy, and a blog on why not all snapshots are created equal.

Building a Cloud on FlexPod: Validated Management Solutions
Building a Cloud on FlexPod: Validated Management Solutions
By Jeff Guerrero,  Solutions Product Manager
Anand Louis, Product Manager
Henry Vail, Reference Architect

With its pretested, validated design, FlexPod simplifies the move to a shared infrastructure and the cloud.

NetApp and Cisco are working  with software partners to offer a range of validated FlexPod management solutions so you can pick the ideal toolset to build your cloud.
Tips from the Trenches
Boost Availability with AutoSupport Tools
Boost Availability with AutoSupport Tools
Malcolm Chaney,
Support Account Manager
Careful attention to best practices increases storage stability. Find out how one large bank eliminated Priority-1 incidents and exceeded availability SLAs by using AutoSupport, My AutoSupport and RSDT.
Blog of the Month
Need Alt Tag
Predictions for 2012:
Better Late Than Never

Vaughn Stewart,
The Virtual Storage Guy
Find out what Vaughn is doubling down on from last year. Also learn what to bet on this year for new storage technologies and their use, integration into server virtualization infrastructures, and cloud computing solutions.
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Our News Show
Special Report – St. Baldrick’s: Be a Hero for Kids with Cancer!
Special Report —
St. Baldrick’s: Be a Hero for Kids with Cancer!
Whether you’re willing to shave your head, do some shaving, raise some money, or volunteer your time, you can help St. Baldrick’s raise money for childhood-cancer research.
Community Spotlight
Are all Snapshots Created Equal?
Are All Snapshots
Created Equal?

Cesar Orosco,
Business Solutions Architect
There are clear and distinct differences between NetApp® Snapshot™ copies and other competitive snapshot solutions. It’s important that we highlight key differences to our customers and prospects because the differences are essential to enable a robust data protection and recovery strategy.
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