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Stan Johnston, Guest Editor
When NetApp announced it had acquired SolidFire in February, our team was excited and curious. That goes beyond their cutting-edge technology. From an outstanding leadership team and culture to a vision for the future of the digital enterprise, SolidFire is a great fit for NetApp. We asked SolidFire CEO Dave Wright to give our Tech OnTap readers a deep dive into their technology. You will be as impressed as we have been with the SolidFire all-flash storage architecture. This month we also take a close look at how to automate your hybrid cloud and how FlexPod can solve your SQL Server challenges. Kristina Brand and Abhi Thakur show you how Workflow Automation (WA) can help simplify processes. In addition, Larry Freeman examines how the Cisco-NetApp FlexPod solution can solve your challenges with Microsoft SQL Server workloads.

These are exciting times at NetApp. Thanks for being part of it.
— Stan Johnston, Guest Editor
SolidFire: Learn about all-flash for the Next Generation Data Center SolidFire: Learn About All-Flash for the Next Generation Data Center
Dave Wright, SolidFire Founder, Vice President and GM
In February, NetApp completed its acquisition of SolidFire, a market leader in all-flash storage systems. Tech OnTap is pleased to welcome SolidFire founder Dave Wright to introduce our readers to their products and technology.
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Manage Workflows, Save Staff Time with Hybrid Cloud Automation Manage Workflows, Save Staff Time with Hybrid Cloud Automation
Kristina Brand, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp
Abhi Thakur, Engineering Manager, NetApp
With more enterprises looking to leverage the hybrid cloud, automation can encompass workflows and application programming interfaces (APIs) for increased integration. Learn how OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) and other tools can help.
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Examine the FlexPod Performance Advantage for SQL Server Examine the FlexPod Performance Advantage for SQL Server
Larry Freeman, Senior Technologist, NetApp
The Cisco-NetApp FlexPod converged infrastructure has proven to be an ideal solution for performance-intensive workloads. We look at two key use cases that feature Microsoft SQL Server to highlight FlexPod performance characteristics in more detail.
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ToT Podcast: Infrastructure Automation with SolidFire Flash
ToT Podcast: Infrastructure automation with SolidFire Flash This month we welcome Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for SolidFire, to the podcast for a conversation about automation, APIs, PowerShell, and declarative state management.
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FlexPod Advantage: Performance, Agility, Economics
FlexPod Advantage: Performance, Agility, Economics For five years Cisco and NetApp have set the standard for flexible, converged infrastructures. Learn about the key attributes that set FlexPod apart from other full-stack IT solutions.
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